My Poetry Books

Believe it or not, the Senor Jimmy Devious isn’t ALL about the insanity.

(Though I must admit, eccentricity rules my mental roost most of the time…that and an unexplained craving for various kinds of meat and baked bi-products. No matter! )

The following places are where you canst find my  more “esoteric” works. (And I think they MAY even be listed in some sorta-kinda-real chronological order, isn’t that nice??)

The Blue Book Of Poems by James R. Davenport
Newcomer James R. Davenport’s first ever poetry anthology The Blue Book Of Poems


Poetry doesn’t have to be complicated to say something complex and deeply emotional.

In this first poetic journey, James R. Davenport takes us along for the ride through his formative years, from the very first time he puts a poet’s pen to paper as a shy 11 year old child, to age 16 years, as a modestly reflective young man just beginning to find his own voice in the world.
Contrary to its title, The Blue Book Of Poems is not a little volume about pain or “Emo” teenage angst, but a snapshot moment-to-moment commentary of one youth’s mind and imagination expressed in simple, almost old-fashioned musical verses of poetry. The concepts explored within are as mundane as raindrops falling from the skies come to life, or as lofty as the very nature of the human soul and what it really means to exist for an eternity. All this from a boy then not yet old enough to drive a car.
While this is a volume primarily geared to Late Childhood readers and those in the bumpy throes of Young Adulthood, The Blue Book is a poetry anthology that also has a little something for everyone, and can be enjoyed by poetry lovers of all ages. Each poem may be deceptively accessible in language and easy to read in its composition, but the contemplation however, of many of these verses will resonate with the reader long after this brief volume is completed. You will find something within this volume that speaks to you and it will stay with you forever.
Take a trip through the innocence of youth again, and the timelessness of the human heart…take a journey through the color of inner reflection: deepest blue.

Take a trip through The Blue Book Of Poems.


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 Of course, that isn’t everything…please allow me to direct you to Book No. 2:
The Quiet Observer: The Gold Book Of Poems by James R. Davenport
My second poetry anthology under my own name, The Quiet Observer: The Gold Book Of Poems. Pretty snazzy cover eah? Makes you crave some Honey Combs huh? 😉

   Now, the standard publisher’s jacket copy and sales pitch: 

In this follow-up work to The Blue Book Of Poems, James R. Davenport does far more than just rejoin us to the place where he left off in his poetic growth and physical development, he takes us, the readers, in an all-together new direction.

 In The Quiet Observer: The Gold Book Of Poems, Davenport not only gives us the poetry and familiar verse style of the previous volume as a base foundation, the voice we had come to recognize, but broadens, deepens, and expands on that creative voice. Just as his own physical speech begins to transform and deepen in its resonance through puberty, so does the voice of his pen.  Now, we begin to see free-verse, shades of more complex emotional and psychological themes, and different styles and mediums of writing in their entirety included in this collection.
There are, as expected, the poems,  but beyond these are compositions of written prose, thought-provoking essays, and selected excerpts of short quips of his lessons learned from day-to-day over this five year period that Davenport amusingly calls the “Thoughtation Diary.”  In this prolific volume of work, we begin to see a more layered and maturely confident Davenport.More than just a young poet, but also a writer, essayist, and cultural commentator who is not at all afraid to powerfully express himself through righteous anger, witty sarcasm, and now even in heavy doses of unexpected irreverent humor.
With each turn of the page, the reader finds something pleasantly unexpected; topics as varied as one young writer’s thoughts on the loss of freedoms in the wake of September 11, 2001, to poetic expressions of love unrequited, requited, won, lost, won again, and lost again, the gentle mocking of his own first name, and the ambitious attempt in the “Planetary Soliloquies” to paint the majestic bodies of our Solar System as true psychological headcases.
The Quiet Observer: The Gold Book Of Poems is so much more than just a collection of poems. It is an all-encompassing record of Davenport’s “observations” of the rapidly changing culture swirling around him, and the literary collection that chronicles a budding wordsmith’s growth from insecure boyhood into self-assured manhood.
A read through The Quiet Observer: The Gold Book Of Poems is one no one will soon forget.

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 Oh, you think that’s it?? Not hardly!
Don’t you know that everything good comes in threes??
(and often-times even a lot of nasty gross bad things too! Like toe funguses.)
But anyway, check out Libre de Poetry Numero Tres by Yours Truly…
James R. Davenport's third poetry anthology Longhunter
Yup, that’s the cover of my third book of POETRY. No, it’s NOT a book about killin’ up some whitetail deer or how to open your own steakhouse, I promise!

 Of course, you’ve got to have the standard publisher’s selling copy… 

Everyone must carve out of nothing their own path in life.

That is the simple theme that focuses and binds all of these eclectic works of poetry together within James R. Davenport’s compelling third anthology, Longhunter.
A passing glance at the cover art might suggest to a casual potential reader that this latest volume is perhaps nothing more than a historical fiction novel, or maybe a how-to manual for pursuing wild game in the woods; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Drawing from the begone memory of the early 18th and 19th century American mountain trailblazer, pathfinder, and “Long Rifle” as a muse, Davenport suggests through this work that the ever-restless, new-frontier-seeking soul of the 21 century artist IS the new spiritual incarnation of the “mountain man” or the “Longhunter.”
The works of verse in this collection may be as divergent in time, setting, subject, and place as a bored boyfriend impatiently waiting on a mall bench for his fussy girlfriend to finish buying shoes, an emotional anonymous “funeral dirge” in honor of the city of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the dazzling lights of a discoteca on the island of Ibiza, Roman general Quintus Varus’ last stand in the hauntingly dark forests of Germania, or even a buckskin-clad trapper journeying the untamed Appalachian line at the dawn of Colonial America; nevertheless, in each poem there is a common theme…the uniquely determined beautiful spirit of a single individual.
Mirroring his own work, James R. Davenport demonstrates with his poet’s pen that he too has become a true individual. In Longhunter he both returns to the place where he began with an anthology reminiscent of his earlier Blue Book Of Poems, yet also shows how much he has progressed as a person internally and stylistically as an artist since that beginning. Davenport has come full-circle with this collection and is, at last, a comfortable fully-grown master of his literary craft.
Longhunter is more than just the culminating expression of one man’s journey to true literary adulthood, it is also a gateway to a new frontier, a wide-open writer’s life of creativity  just at its sunrise. It is a gateway to an untamed “West” that the reader can also share in as well; the hope-filled undiscovered country of our own souls and the not-yet-dared dreams of our lives.
Longhunter is a proud celebratory manifesto to the undeniable worth of those dreams,and of those unknown places within each and every one of us.
 The “inner unknown” is what makes us human, and is worth exploring.

Order Your Copy Of Longhunter RIGHT HERE!

After all that strong pitching and wooing, admit it, you KNOW you want to buy one of them…or two…or 67!!

(In all seriousness, I think if you buy them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 🙂 )

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