About Me


Jimmy Devious

Short Answer: I’m ME!

Another Answer: I’m Not You.

Best Answer: I’m many things. A writer, a blogger, a comedian, and a bad one at that. A freelancer, A mercenary of various trades at various tymes looking to fufill my greater ambitions like eveybody else in cyberspace. Welcome to my head!

(Yes, I AM fully aware I spelled TIMES up there in the Olde English sorte of Renfaire basement-dwelling dork way…I did that to see if you were actually reading this page and paying attention, you clumsy oaf! )

Oh wait…YOU’RE NOT a clumsy oaf, but I do oh so need one. Hang on folks…

(He takes out a previoualy concealed microcassette recorder from some weird disgusting hidden place and/or orifice and procedes to say to himself *NOTE TO SELF: I need to buy a Clumsy Oaf  for Christmas…STAT! * He then unexpectedly scratches himself, likely in the same place where the microcassette recorder was once housed.)

Soundwave is awesome, but how can I record without Lazerbeak??
Soundwave is awesome, but how can I record without Lazerbeak??

Now then, friends and neighbors, where were we?

The Dread Pirate Westley is a badass!

Ah yes, Australia. 😛

Those who have found their way here to this blog already know where it is…I.E. you’re friends, family, friends-OF friends and family, the plantiff, the defendent, a boss of some sort wanting to know where the heck I am, that guy who sends me the stuff from Pittsburgh, or someone who I owe money to.

Goodfellas baby
“Wow Henry, I wish they had designer jeans Huggies diapers to cover my bare ass when I was a kid” “Yeah, me too Tommy, me too!!!”

(In which case if you ARE in that last category, keep this tip under your bunny caps, I’ve got some delicious homemade fudge shipping out to you VERY soon in lieu of payment. And don’t worry, those bits of corn really are supposed to be in there.  Now eat up! 😉 )

Delicious Fudge goes great with bits of candy corn in it!
Yeap, it’s fudge made that much better with little tiny bits of delicious (leftover) Halloween candy corn. What did you THINK I meant?? 😉

Bottom Line, this is a happy little place where I scribble about my life somewhat, OTHER people’s lives a lot, drool over food porn, and occasionally pimp my ebooks.

You’ve been warned, sonny boy.

(Oh yeah, and wipe your nose, you have a nasty doo-dad  up there that I’m tired of looking at it’s gros…I don’t CARE if it GROWS THAT WAY! Wipe it! )

Oh, and Wipe your feet too before you leave so you don’t track my filth through the rest of cyberspace.


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