Ragnar Lothbrok: More Money, More Problems

As Vikings Thorsday and Season 3 continue, it's not always good to be king when you're fighting other people's wars!

Hey Pressers! Whaaaaaaaaaat’s Happening?

Of course, it’s Friday! And what goes with a Friday better than Vikings Thorsday?

The place to hear some dorky Vikings fanboy blab about the show, and whatever else comes out of his piehole!

(Pretend folks, pretend! It’s the end of the week, let’s just have fun mmmkaaay? 😉

Once again, better late than never, my analysis video of Season 3’s Episodes 2-3 is now up on my Youtube Channel. Be a dear, and go peruse it, will you? 😉 Sure, things have started off slow with Ragnar being essentially “sweetly strongarmed” by King Ecbert of Wessex into fighting somebody else’s war.

Things are getting mysteriously strange and “godlike” back home in Scandinavia as well as these new wanderer guy continues to woo his way into Queen Auslaug’s good graces.

My thoughts here

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‘Till next time folks…Happy weekend and I’ll catch you n the flipside!

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