Vikings Thorsday…On Sunday (I guess ;) )

Bjorn Ironside tells Pappy Ragnar he's thinking of a career change!


My most sincere apologies blog-followers for not getting this up sooner, but I had a mite bit of trouble with the copyright bot program over at the Y-tube, and had to thus reedit my ENTIRE video to avoid getting flagged again.

(I most certainly could have contested it on grounds of Fair Use, and I know it’s not personal, but who wants to fiddle-fart around with all that mess if they can help it?

Anyway, Vikings Thorsday edition 2 is here! Better late than nevers! 😉

The place to hear some dorky Vikings fanboy blab about the show, and whatever else comes out of his piehole!

This time around, I waxy verbage and words about Season 3’s opener, Lagertha’s new scheming boytoy pop singer…eer…I mean manly warrior number 2, and whether the crowns of Saxon kings should’ve been made of chocolate.

Go check it out and subscribe to my channel on Youtube…you’ll be glad you did!


(Alledgedly 😛 )

Also, I may try to sneak in an installment of Short Story Sunday before the day is out too. But if that doesn’t happen expect something in here on Sunday next…

(Alledgedly 😛 )

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