Is there Too Much CGI in Modern Movies?

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It’s not entirely the fault of Yours Truly that I haven’t been here. To the point,

I give you my intended LAST WEEK’s Thrilling Cinema Thursday on today’s Tuesday….why? (Read below ze pic…I promise it’s brief! 😉 )

CGI Van Helsing Has CGI in Film gone too far

(Don’t worry, she’s not nekkid, and it’s fake!)

Yeah, I’ve been battling the Youtube Copyright bot for a week to get this final segment of Infinite Geekiness Episode 4 up.

Infinite Geekiness Podcast With Jimmy Devious

(In short, Universal sucks and is running a video clips racket IMO 😛 )

So you should probably go check out the video RIGHT NOW…because who knows if the oversensitive copyright-protect droids will let stay there by tomorrow. Run run, quick like a bunny! (or just watch right here!)

Bottom line, I really think movie studios don’t have a clue how to deal with the relative rise in sales of games and the correlative decline in ticket sales/butts in the seats when compared with said video games. Sooooo they deliberately make movies that look like “videa’games” to appeal to said gamer demographic.

It sucks. 😛 Who wants to sit and watch something that LOOKS like a video game in its special effects…when you can just go play a real one instead?

Also, if memory serves correctly, wasn’t the T-Rex in Jurassic Park an all-CGI creation? If so, why does something that was made BACK IN 1993 look so much MORE realistic than stuff squatted out in 2014?

Annnyhoo, these are the things I think about. You’re welcome. 🙂

If all goes well, I should have another Vikings Thorsday this week as well…

Stay peeping and sharp with your shapie peepers!

That is all.

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