Vikings Thorsday: Will Season 3 Be The End For Ragnar?

Heya W’pressers!

How’s it hanging?

(Did I just type that? 😉 )

Jimmy D’s been looking for a replacement TV fandom-ish segment ever since the end of BN and my regular Burn Notice Debriefing Friday As you can probably see (or read) I think I’ve got the sucker locked up! Presenting…

The place to hear some dorky Vikings fanboy blab about the show, and whatever else comes out of his piehole!

Kicking off this first installment over at my Ytube channel, I pose “curious” questions about the show’s upcoming Season 3 on History Feb 19,  (aka NEXT WEEK) most controversial of all, is this year Ragnar Lodbrok’s last ride in the series?

There are some interesting images in the trailers for Vikings fans.

Watch and listen to my “brilliant” blog gabbage analysis and..uhh…thoughts on it right here…

Looks like things are starting to get intriguing and backstabby…HMMmmmm…

What do you think, fellow fan in the shield wall…

What are you expecting to see in the new season of Vikings? 

Or…what would you LIKE to see?

That is all for now folks. Also, if you’re on the Ytube. be sure to watch to ze end and SUBSCRIBE!

Gracias. Hopefully, I shall also have some new stuff for you on the morrow here as well!

Smellyalater bloghommies! 😉

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