New Year Resolutions, Same Old Dorky

It's Monologue Monday at my blog
Hiya W-to-the-‘Presser folk once again.
How’s it hanging?
*question very rhetorical don’t bother answering.* 😛
I’m going to keep this blogpost short and sweet (or is it sweet’n’petitie, unsure of the proper stale cliche’ here) because I’m really only NOW starting to bring my virtual presence back to life after many looooong months of stasis.
Daaaayuuum, that sounded sexy. Not.
Point is, I’m coming back, slowly but surely. I should have a new podcast eppie ( eppie= translated episode for the sane and not trying to be cool lol) coming forthwith to you hopefully by the end of the week. So, there’s that.
I also resolve to try to put up at least two blogposts in this thingimajig a week for all of 2015.
So far, half-good. Let’s see how long I keep to it folks/blog followers who are left/virtual drifters/carneys. Shall we make a bet on it?
(Nah, nevermind, I don’t actually have anything to bet…unless you enjoy eating packing peanuts…and orc blood 😉 )
Annnyhooow, I’ve never been one to keep resolutions. Who cares if its a new year right? It ’tis but an arbitrary number on a calendar…much like government spending pledges and penis measurements. 😉
So that’s my first post of 2015…the old year is dead, long live the new one.
Random-blog-viewing-stranger, what are your thoughts on New Year Resolutions?
Keep’um? Ignore’um? Too drunk (on geekery) to care?
Lend me your thoughts. (Like you did me that leaf blower I still haven’t brought back…I know, I know but, it’s still sticky! )
Happy 2015.
Now, let us away to the kitchen, for some nachos…and orc blood covered packing peanuts.
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