Why I Think The Sims 4 Will Probably Suck

The Sims 4 sucks


Hiya Pressers!

I’m still not “officially” back on the radar (but I’m working on it…like the new blog banner?  And will be soon!)


But I wanted to make a quickie mention of yet another new episode of my Infinite Geekiness Podcast

Infinite Geekiness Podcast With Jimmy Devious

In this episode I “reheat” a segment I intended to put in Episode 2 of what I think about the upcoming Sims 4 (soon to drop in stores on Sept. 2) SPOILER ALERT: I’m super duper thrilled as you can  tell by the title!


Also, Spiderman 2002 VS Spiderman 2012...ish. My own take!

Spider Man Vs Spiderman


Listen to it all right here, check out my other podcast episodes on Spreaker

You can also find it on Podbean

…OR if you need something more visual, you can listen/watch me (sortof 😉 ) on Youtube right here at my channel


That is all for now, more to come…SOON!


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