BACK FROM THE DEAD: Announcing My All-New Podcast!

First and foremost…

HOLY CRAP it’s been a VEEEERY long time since I’ve been on this thing!


(I’ve had some financial issues to deal with, so a LOT of my writing pursuits  had to b put on hold.)

Suffice it to say I WILL be coming back more and more to the ‘Press, albeit gradually. I plan to redesign this blog with a new theme, new segments, and everything!

But, until all that happens, guess what?

(Yep, I suppose the title was a spoiler huh? 😉 )


I’ve launched the Infinite Geekiness Podcast!

Infinite Geekiness Podcast With Jimmy Devious

As the title suggests, it’s just for fun, going to be mostly about nerd stuff, but they’ll be other little mish-masheries thrown in for good measure. My first episode is already up, check it out!

7:30- “Movies That Could Probably Use A Remake”

I gab on the lost opportunities that were Michael Crichton novels-turned-movies
14:38- “The Dusty Booky Cornery Of My Brain…y”
Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown

16:08- “Video Game Jump Scares”

I wax on moments in gaming history that skeeered me as a lad
(Even though they weren’t meant to…maaybe. I was kinda a Puss!)

20:34- “Lunchboxes Of Yore and Today”

Hint: A certain adorable 80’s movie furball had a staring role with
my PB and J’s

23:14- “Closing Thoughts”

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve endured my first podcast.
you deserve a cookie for that. (If I had a cookie, that is.)





(Just listen and watch! ANNND you get a few cheesy images thrown in here or there! 😉 )

More to come…and I’ll catch y’all on the flipside! 🙂

J. Devious, ESQ.

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