Famous Last Words Part 1- RHETT AND LINK

Rhett And Link Logo
Hey all WordPressers, how’s it hanging?
Yeaaap, I know I’ve really been lolly-gagging with the postings lately, but I assure you it has all been for a really good cause… my lolly-gagging.
Err, right well, uhh…nevermind. 😀 What’s going on inside Jimmy D’s head this day….HMmmmmm….
Hey, I know, how about another Total Silliness Tuesday?
This time a short video of funny “Famous Last Words” by a certain dude-bro-comedy duo from Comedy Central (NO, not THOSE two) Rhett and Link (AKA the white guys.)

You will be amused. Verily, you will…WATCH!

See, I told you. Now smile dangit…

What funny “Famous Last Words” would you add to their list?
….and have a grand day! (Or ELSE! 😉 )
“Ohh look, raw Puffer Fish!”
J. Devious, ESQ.

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