Battlefield 3 Vs Hank Hill of King Of The Hill

Hank Hill Funny
What’s going in Jimmy D’s head today?
Well, it’s Tuesday, so of course you know I’m probably going to be taking it easy…and you thought right! 😛
It’s time for another Total Silliness Tuesday!
For this week, a giggley-gem of a vid by a popular gent on Youtube who is known as Jaysumi the Soundboard Guy, or simply, “The Celeb Gamer.”
This time he slips America’s favorite animated redneck dweeb, Hank Hill of King Of The Hill into Battlefield 3.

Enjoy, or be an asinine jackass! 😉

Who couldn’t get a little smile or two out of that one!

That is all. Enjoy your Tuesday, carry on. 🙂

Never knew playing gawwd-dang viDEE-agames could be so much fun, I tellhu what!
J. Devious, ESQ.

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