Sinistar: Beware, He STILL Lives!

Hey hey all WordPressers! What’s going on in your pal Jimmy D’s head for today?
Another Totally Retro Tuesday and remembering a nostalgic blip-trip from my childhood…
AKA Williams’ 1982 classic arcade game, Sinistar!
Though I didn’t discover it back in ’82, because in ’82 I was barely out of makin’ poopie in diapers. (Err…I think! 😛 ) My first encounter with the enigmatic villain head of  the golden age of arcades was  probably in 1986-87, looooooong after the “Video Game Crash” (then again, perhaps it was an early console port, can’t remember! 😛 )  but that whirling space disk of awesomeness still had the same effect on me that everyone has when they experience Sinistar for the first time….
“W-T-F was THAAAT??”
You see, you don’t really SEE him coming. No, not at all.
You’re expecting a cheesy Asteroids…y kind of clone, eah, no big deal,  Oh lookie,  there appears to be a glitchy animation in the corner of the screen amongst meteorites. Greaaat, you think, the developers got sloppy and forgot to finish filling in that spaceship…and hey, heheheh, that “glitch” looks kindof like its got devil horns or something, cool. Ho-hum, lemme go back to blastin’ these rocks and that red flying spooky crap.
Seconds later…
I Huuuunggeeer…
Oh shiiite! What’sat??
Did you say something, Satan? Where oh, where is that totally realistically eveeel voice coming from?? Could it be that this arcade cabinet is….*gulp* possessed???
Then, out of nowhere IT jumps out at you from somewhere from completely off ze screen at high speed…
Sinistar has to be seen to be believed. Here, watch the following video of some younger whipper-snapper gamers (I guess? They sure sound young!) playing it…

Classic, brings back memories 🙂

Admit it Cooooward, you KNOOW wanna play it now, doncha? 😉

(Oh yeah, and once you get past the “shock” factor, Sinistar is kinda adorable looking isn’t he?)

Hey, if they made a Sinistar plush pillow buddy or something, I’d buy it! 😛 That would rule!

There you go folks, enjoy your dose of retro, and have a good one! 🙂

Beware, I hunger…how about you make me a grilled cheese, pretty pleaaaase? 😉
J. Devious, ESQ.

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