Burn Notice: Final Thoughts

Burn Notice Final Thoughts
What’s going on in Jimmy Devious’ Head today?
Well, as you can probably guess by the title of this post, something that I HAD planned to do LAST Friday, but other stuff got in the way. Life’s like that sometimes, huh? 😛
(I look at it this way, gave a little extra time for everybody I know to watch the Series Finale before I go and blab about it. 😉 )
It’s the LAST Burn Notice Debriefing Friday!  Ever!
On Tuesday!
This time, it’s not revenge we’re all afta’it’s the “Reckoning”

So…did you see the end? What didja think?

(Ohh yeah, if you HAVEN’T seen Burn Notice’s last episode yet, yeaaaah, you might not want to read any further, here yar be spoilers, yaaaar! 😛 )

Though, I’m not going to go on too much about the “plot points” for “Reckoning” I’m just treading more-or-less in the direction of a “final post-mortem” for the series as a whole, but it I slip a spoiler or two for that particular EP in there, you’ve been warned! Okay, maybe even A LOT of spoilers lol. 😉

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The track the writers had been building to all season led me against my initial instincts of how the series would go out, then, rewarded those instincts after all. Season 7 has basically just been one big head-fake. I should be pissed by that, but I’m not.

Oh yeah, and whoever it was who had their money on Maddie going kaput in the money pool, yeaaah, we’ll pay up next week…err…perhaps. 😛 lol.

Though, I don’t see why I have to, seeing how almost EVERYBODY died at the end…well…uhhh….sortof. 😉

I must say, they did a pretty good job concealing the obvious there. I say a “pretty good job” because I saw almost no search references whatsoever for “Burn Notice Maddie gets it” or “Maddie Dies” but there were a whole butthole-load for “Sam Axe R.I.P.” and Sam Dies.” Oh and I say “the obvious” too because it would be obvious from a writer’s standpoint that Maddie had to go if Mike would ever make the “final growth leap” away from his previous life as a spy. (She IS the one with custody of the little brat…err Charlie..after all, hint-hint. 😉 )

urn Notice Michael and Fiona
Can you imagine the first time poor Charlie brings Uncle Mike and Auntie Fi breakfast in bed? 😛

All and all, the final episode could’ve been better (really, being that it was USA’s number 1 show, it deserved 2 hours) but it was fine.

My main criticism is that the whole thing felt really..uhh… compressed. The pacing should’ve built up more slowly to that final conclusion. We clearly saw Michael growing frayed and tired of all the spy crap, but if he had come to the conclusion “I’m DONE with this bullshite!!” earlier in the season, and had we seen some more moments with Mike and Fi drawing closer together again, the last EP would’ve felt just a bit more “natural.”

Burn Notice Reckoning
Michael Westen making his “Little Boy Pout Face” 😉

So, would I say I’ve “wasted my life” watching this show for the last 7 years?


It’s been a great run, for the most part, had some great storylines, decent villains throughout (Larry, Tyler Brennen, Anson Fullerton, Simon) though James Kendrick as the final baddie proved to be a little bit weak, with his uber-phoney Southern gentleman drawl and Confederate commander hairdo. But I get it, I…think. James was supposed to be an “evil reflection” of what Michael would become if he forgot to dance with the ones who brought him there.

The series spun its wheels somewhat after Season 5 (ohhh-kaaaaay, so Mike’s un-burned now, correct? Shouldn’t that be……it? What are we still doing here? ;P )

Matt Nix and the writers never broke the “cardinal rule” though, which was good, they never F’ed with the “tripod” that held the series up (Mike, Sam, Fiona) which has done in a lot of other great shows (EX: House totally went to shite after Cuddy and Cameron were gone!)

They knew where their viewers hearts were, and stayed there.

The end of Burn Notice isn’t M.A.S.H. but I think Burn will go down in TV history as a solidly executed show, in an era of reality crap as one of the best of its time, with something to love about it for everyone. It went out when it still could’ve gone on with solid numbers for another season or two, It went out when it was still on top, and that’s really all you can ask for from a successful series.

I have no complaints. Oh……except ONE more thing…….

Burn Notice Management character
Where art thou, Management? 😉
I guess like how many licks it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.
Still, good job!
Burn Notice Thank You
My Name is Jimmy D, and I used to watch a show called Burn Notice…
J. Devious, ESQ.

One thought on “Burn Notice: Final Thoughts

  1. Nice job Jimmy D. Who cares about Management. ;-). It was a well done final episode that brought things full circle to the beginning. I like the way you ended your blog. Michael Westen would have been pleased. I like the way they brought the characters catch -phrases back in to it too. That helped with the circle thing. As for Maddie’s demise, as a mother I could totally relate to what she did. I think she felt redeemed for her past mistakes in Michael’s life . I’m glad she had the oppurtunity to tell him she was proud of who he became and she loved him. IMPORTANT thing to tell your child. By the way….. I’m proud of you too, Jimmy, and you know, the rest of the line. 🙂

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