Remember The Commodore 64 Computer?

commodore 64 funny
Hey y’all, what’s going on in Jimmy D’s so far for this week?
Well, pretty swamped trying to get some of my writing projects back on track, actually.
In the meantime though, how about a little taste of a segment I haven’t done in ages…about stuff we really haven’t seen in ages…
Of course, It’s time for Totally Retro Tuesday!
This time, I’m going way, WAAAAAAAY back into the primordial mental ooze of me’youth…
The first computer my elder brother Stu (as seem in my blog banner above) ever owned all by his little lonesome, the most famous thing to come out of 1980’s Canada besides Wayne Gretzsky and Michael J. Teen Wolf…err Fox…
I’m talking about the Commodore 64!
Commodore 64 Computer retro
It was the first real “gamming pc” many of us of the early Millennial Generation ever owned, and it was awesome…uhh…yeah…
For it’s time. 😉

Check out the following video where a plucky British computer gamer of yore tries to introduce today’s brats to the wonder that was the C-64…WATCH!

AAAArgh, the dreaded loading errors! Didn’t ya’hate those things??

Eah. Keeping it simple for today. Youtube and the smell of sweet nostalgia. Sometimes, that’s all you need.
Carry on! 🙂
*cracks knuckles* Hmmm…let’s see now, LOAD “*” 8., 1. HUZZAH! I’ve still got it!
J. Devious, ESQ.

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