Burn Notice: Death Roulette

Burn Notice Tipping Point 2
What’s going on in your pal Jimmy D’s head today?
Well fine folks what day is it?
Why, DUH, it’s Friday! And what have we been doing for the last two Fridays before this one?
Time for another “exciting” installment (term used loosely 😛 ) of Burn Notice Debriefing Friday.
Last’s night episode “Tipping Point” makes it T-minus 1 episode and counting ’till the end of BN, but before we move on to the sweepstakes of death that will (or could be) the grande finale, let’s take a look back or two, shall we?
As always for the sake of brevity (and to save you from too much goofy rambling by me 😉 ) I’m going to assume you saw the ep already and will keep the synoppy (mostly) short.
Mike Westen is like, THIS close *Hands out a’la an Excedrin headache*  to catching the 21 Century’s Grey Ghost…err…James. He’s got to boink Sonjya/Sonya/Whatever…Badonka-donk Butt…one more time to get some dope intel to CIA douche Smilin’ Jack…err I mean Strong so the Government will know where Mr. Kendrick is going to be.  Sam and Jesse tagalong with Strong like scenery. 😦
Burn Notice - Season 7
Mike makes out like a mole in Lisa Cardinelli-Badonka-donk Butt’s security detail down in Vera Cruz, and as those crazy kids in tiffany wannabe ‘hood of white suburbia say, then “shite jumps off.”
Burn Notice Tipping Point 3
Is it just me. or does this shot make Jeff Donovan look a little blonde? 😉
Guns, guns, bodies, a-go-go, yeah!
Not only are Post-Modern John Mosby/James and Badonka-donk apparently totally badass crack shots with HAND PISTOLS taking out dudes in superior firing positions with headshots, but they can also instantly shoot down a Huey too…I repeat, a chopper in the air…  SOLAMENTE WITH LOS PISTOLES!
Nevermind James just blew the hell out of a Jeep seconds before with a superior weapon he’s carrying on him…uhhh..??
Gettin’ lazy guys, getting lazy. Eh, small potatoes though.
Especially considering what comes next…
What did y’all think about our “surprise” guest star?
Burn Notice funny Yogurt
Yes indeed, one of the most psycho of psycho madmen Michael ever had to deal with, Simon, and the way Michael goes Sparta on his arse to dispatch him, is both realistic (for hand combat) and chillingly brutal.
(my eyes are STILL “phantom sore” after watching that! Ayye-che-wawa! 😛 )

Burn Notice Tipping Point 5
And then we come to the “cliffhanger” for this week’s ep (though it’s more like a sled hill 😉 ) one we all knew was coming… Michael admits he’s a faker-traitor on tether to the Spooks, and is now is completely willing to turn his back on his country, the CIA, and his friends.
Uhhh…deep drama yes, of course…but did I miss something here? Or two?
Wasn’t Simon’s “handiwork” part of the patched together file-peach-cobbler the Shadow Guys used to burn Mike with in the first place?
If all that nasty “resume-enhancing” shite was “evil” enough to burn Michael, why wasn’t it evil enough to keep Simon in jail? And even if it wasn’t, why would they allow Mike to be burned in the first place, and instead use Mike all these years the same way they apparently used Simon? IF it was an organizational thing, that is.
Why the hell would Mike turn on everything he’s ever stood for, just because one rogue CIA douchebag decided to blackmail him and use crazy pyro Simon in his op?
What about the fact he was burned because of their/Simon’s “baddie stuff?” What about his friends? What about poor  dead Max from two seasons ago, pencil dick Bly (who turned out, in the end to be a straight-shooter) and that hottie Pierce?  You mean to tell me there are no good people left even in the fantasy CIA or in the government alphabet soup? That because of ONE op now Mike thinks his whole life is a lie?
Makes.     No freakin’ sense.      whatsoever.
Decent drama, but makes no sense, that’s all I’m saying!
I’ll ride this thing out to the end, Of course, but I’m increasingly becoming disappointed, and am thinking it won’t be a pretty end. Writing-wise, nor characterwise. I hope I’m proved wrong though.

So now to the juicy scuttlebutt for next time…

I think this next episode-in-waiting is the big one. This is it. As the old TV cliche’ goes…

One of these people……will not……suuuuuuuurVIVVVEEEE!
Okay gentle reader, who have you got your bets on?
This face?
Burn Notice Madeline Maddie Westen
Or perhaps, as a longshot, this one?
Burn Notice Fiona Glenanne Hot
Maybe even on the big man himself, Michael?
I gotta tell you folks, though it pains me to say so, I think the Grim Reaper will soon be sharing beers and Mojitos with…
Burn Notice Sam Axe
Yeaaap. Based on the teasing “evidence” of this promo, the fact Matt Nix himself even said to “expect a major death this season” and because when one does a search of “Sam Axe” and Burn Notice “death” and “dies” usually follows close behind in the suggestions..that’s where the smart money is.
‘Course Fiona and dies comes up almost as much too. So what do I know? 😉
A Maddie and “death” search turns up? Yeaah… Zipppoo! Just like her lighters.
So we’re stuck with her. lol j/k. 🙂
I remember when I first started watching BN after the first couple episodes, WAAAAAY back in ’07, that some of us had a friendly debate on which character the series could easily be rid of. Would you believe I actually picked Fi? (Then, then! She hadn’t grown on me yet! Like, charming cancer! 😀 lol )
The only indespnsible character we all agreed on was…Sam. Though, I wisely added this caviot, “Well, they COULD kill Sam off, just so long as it’s like, at the very end.”
Well guess what time it is? Yup. Ten minutes to the end. Color me Nostradamus…perhaps.
Viya Con Dios Commander Axe. Proud to virtually know you. maybe the demise of an awesome friend like you is what it will take to wake up Darth Westen.
Let us hope not. But, I’m probably right…err..wrong…or…whatever I said! 😀
In two weeks…why TWO WEEKS?  They still playin’ Tennis on USA or something?
J. Devious, ESQ.

4 thoughts on “Burn Notice: Death Roulette

    1. Yeap, We can always hope that Mr. Nix was just teasing us. Those H’wood guys are, after all, the masters of publicity.

      A feature-length Burn Notice movie would ROCK! Totally on-the-spot with that. 🙂

      Good call, you’re welcome for sharing, and thank you for stopping by…again.;)

  1. Dude. Dude, srsly. I AM SO EXCITED HOLY CRAP AAAAAAAAH WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN???????? *gasp* *wheeze* If Sam dies I will fly to L.A. and slap Matt Nix. In the face. And maybe spit on him. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

    1. Well by now I hope you saw that it DID NOT happen…and that BN’s sendoff was even BETTER than I expected!

      Nix knows who butters his bread! And that is the way it should be!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      (Sorry about the super late reply! 🙂 )

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