Burn Notice: Is Michael A Dead Man Walking?

Burn Notice Michael Westen black suit
What’s going on inside Jimmy D’s head for this Friday?
Well well, why not keep a good thing going, since I waited sooo long to finally do it?
It’s another Burn Notice Debriefing Friday!
You’re welcome. 🙂
So counting down to the end of BN, we’re now at T-minus 3 and counting, this week’s ep, “Things Unseen.”
I’m going to (mostly) assume that since you’re here, you’ve already seen it, and not go too much in-depth with the plot of last night’s installment, buuuuuuuut, just in case…
If you don’t wanna know, then don’t go… any further, HERE YE BE SPOLERS!!
Theeere! Covered me arse. Onward! 🙂
Anyway, it seems Mike’s got an old ex-Brit intelligence buddy on his behind in the Canary Islands and ostensibly on the ass on the super-duper secret org of John Singleton Mosby II’s…err..I mean James. Mike and the blond Lisa Cardinelli lookalike (Sonjya) have to go split some wigs and bust some capes..err..caps. 
Mike Westen has severe misgivings about this (don’t they always! 😉 ) So he gets on the secret horn with his secret handler secret Strong (who, BTW has the most cliched name of any character on the show lately, or is that just me?)
Mike doesn’t want to go all “Oswald” on an old pal, especially one who’s life he’s saved once already. CIA Boy only cares about his investigation though. Ut-ohhh! 😛
Burn Notice Things Unseen
…back in Miami gentle readers, Fiona’s new pet Freddy Mercury/Latin Stuart Townsend…err..Carlos The Bounty Hunter. is in a tight, tight spot with a drug lord and she enlists the aide of the new Martin and Lewis of action shows, Sam and Jesse. Yeaaaaah! B)
Burn Notice Carlos and Nando
What are the positives? By all appearances, NO MORE CARLOS!!
Oh, and when Drug Lord Nando made  snotty reference to Fi being “this 100-pound-Pixie.” That was hilarious! 🙂
Negatives? plenty.
I’m really beginning to feel I was right that the writers “rushed” to do something “deep” and/or big with Mike and Fi. Poor Sam and Jesse are just afterthoughts at this point. Sidekicks, support staff, and Mike’s “Merry Men” in spy craft.
There were also in tonight’s episode some “eek-worthy” scenes. And I don’t mean that in terns of drama neither. I mean, in the plot and ACTING, unfortunately. 😦
The witness flippin’ on a dime to “do the right thing” just because the old white lady in the room, Maddie,  “pulled on his heart strings? ” comeoooon cracker, PLEAAASE!
I mean, at least give him some time to think about it, considering the dude’s kept this secret on Drug Lord Nando for ten years!
And then there’s the nauseating “I love yous” between Fiona and Carlos The Pretender-To-The-Throne at the end.
Contrived, contrived, contrived, all of it. ;(
Maybe it’s again, just me, but it’s like they’re starting to ignore the continually of the characters’ personalities for the sake doing something different or to just end this thing already.
Would Fi or Carlos REALLY love each other that deeply? Did Freddie Townsend Mercury pull your “pixie butt” out of a fire last week? Noooo, he didn’t. Would Carlos hop a covert flight to go in a danky warehouse and look like a gagged-up-client-john-dumbarse just to save ex-bf Michael’s butt, if the combat boot were on the other foot?
Burn Notice Funny 2
Doubt it. 😦
And at last, to Michael’s “conflict of conscience” moment. Again, the ignoring past character traits thing. Mike has pulled off improbable spook miracles to keep other people from doing odious things that were ethically unacceptable. Yet, now, he can do NOTHING to save himself? (And for that matter, his friend’s life?)
Gettin’ lazy writers, gettin’ lazy! 😛
Is this going to be Mike’s “Fredo in the Fish boat” moment? Michael Westen, Michael Corleone. Michael Westen, Michael Corleone… HMmmmm…
I know a lot of folks on the IMDB forum sure think so. One poster even calls Mike too damaged for a happy ending, a “dead man walking.”
I dunno. Though, it’s pretty hard to just walk away from things that…dark,

Lastly, the teaser line for next week’s ep….

Double-triple Hmmm…

There’s been a lot of speculation that THIS guy will be beck from the dead…again…

Burn Notice Larry

But, the REAL scuttlebutt all sez it’s Simon. Which does make sense, seeing as how he’s one of Mike’s few enemies still alive.

At some point, I’d like to see this OTHER guy come back too…

Burn Notice Management character
Where art thou, Management? 😉
To tie it all together. His “disappearance” from the series has always bothered me. How ’bout you?
What’s your take on who the “final villain” will be? (or who it should be!)
 Share your thoughts, if ya’got’um!
“My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a Spy. And…alive.”
J. Devious, ESQ.

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