Letting Off Steam And Eatting Green Berets For Breakfast

What’s going on inside your Buddy Jimmy D’s head today?
It’s Monday…so you know what that means!
(Well, lately anyway! 😉 )
Time for another Movie Quote Monday
But what’s different this time folks, I thought you all deserved a DOUBLE DOSE of cinematic quotable brilliance, Okay, well…uhh…maybe not technically brilliance, but at least brilliantly HILARIOUS!
Of course I’m talking about one of the first Arnold Schwarzenegger actioners (if not the first) AKA Commando.
It’s so cheesily bad, it has to be seen to be believed.
I give you two awesome….ly horrendous clips.

First, we start off the day with, what else? Green Berets!

As IF Ceelo ever thought he had a chance of whippin’ the Governator’s ass, what…eeeeeeeeever!

And then, after a hard day of being a muscle-bound live-action cartoon, you’ve gotta relax you know…

You’ve got to…let off some steam…

What..a..putz!! 😛 lol

Glad I could make your Monday afternoon a little better. Now, skip on a long like a little bunny! 🙂
Arnold Schwarzenegger funny Commando
The only time he “let’s off steam” is when hot beans and jalepenos are involved,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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