Burn Notice: The ( Almost) Final Look

Burn Notice title shot
What’s going on in Jimmy D’s head for this Friday?
The sortof fulfilling of a promise you might say…to meself. 😛
But better late than never, I suppose!
I have wanted to introduce one of my last new blog segments (at least, for awhile) as a nod to one of my few favorite shows on the tele.
YES, Burn Notice, if you hadn’t guessed by now!
Originally intended to be a recap blogpost called Burn Notice Debriefing Friday.
But with USA Network’s Big B just about burned out (ya’like that, I came up with it myself, I’m cool like that 😉 ) you might say, what’s the point right?
Trouble is, this is not your blog, pumpkin pants, and I can do what I want with it…so there!
(Pumpkin Pants? I knooow, just roll with it 😉 )
So with only 4 episodes to go, I guess we can safely do a spy-savvy type analysis of the whole FINAL season 7…why not?
Bare with me, it’s not really going to be anything too structured, just me blabbing away alone in cyberspace in my own thoughts, but feel free to chime in yours as well.
So, in short, what have we got?
Yeah, mostly a mess that I don’t see how the writers will resolve it in just 4 more episodes. I’m hoping that I heard the promos wrong and that it’s 4 more episodes ’till a summer break, then to conclude the series properly right around the time we’re all stuffing our gills with pumpkin pie and turkey…
(Ooor, maybe even pumpkin PANTS. See? Even my weird descripticals that have no purpose can FIND purpose, if I ramblefy on long enough lol 😀 )
If we’re all honest with ourselves as BN fans, we knew this closeout season was coming on sooner than later. USA has been distancing itself from the show for awhile now, promoting the living shite out of almost everything EXCEPT Burn Notice, so it’s no surprise really.
And to be even more honest with ourselves…it’s time.
BN is cool no doubt, but we can only have Michael running around in his charger charging after people all over Miami on a ticking phantom clock of doom, or Sam guzzling back brews, or Fiona looking cute while blowing crap up for so long before it all starts to look too… stretched out.
Burn Notice Funny 1


The story of Michael Westen could’ve been told in 5 or 6 seasons really.

I mean, he DID destroy the org that burned him what? 2 seasons ago?

Borrowing from the recently spoken words of James Kendick, err… DRICK “Tell me I’m wrong…”
And speaking of which, James. Who IS this John Singlton Mosby Civil War…ish dude in an Armani shirt anyway?
Burn Notice James Kendrick
For the final season and a character who was supposed to ( I guess) represent the villain of all villains for Michael, the “Monster Zero” to Michael’s Godzilla, is it just me, or does the guy seem a little….uhh…
(Yes, Godzilla fanboys, I REALIZE Monster Zero’s name is not really Monster Zero, I just can’t spell the 3-headed punk’s true name off the top of my head, and I’m feeling too lazy to look it up. ‘Tis Friday! 😉 )
Adrian Passadar as Burke was a much more interesting character, and could’ve created more conflict  from a writing/character standpoint if he turned out to be the ultimate bad guy, because here’s a guy Michael served with, a guy on the ground who’s in the thick of it all, keeps his word, and never leaves a man behind. Burke’s got a code and is likeable, yet he’s “wrong” and Michael’s got to destroy him. Greaaat TV there.
James is just…weird. 😛
And what’s with the blonde Lisa Cardinelli lookalike…err..I mean, Sonjya?
Burn Notice Sonjya
I see no chemistry between her and Michael at all.
Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder whatever happened to John Mahoney’s character, AKA “Management?” Didn’t he walk away ALIVE the last time we saw him in the series?  What about all that, “You have a very big future” crap?
And while I get the introduction of serious conflict in Michael and Fiona’s relationship to up the stakes, who the HELL is this Freddie Mercury/Stuart Townsend  Bounty Hunter guy anyway? Does he really seem like her type? Not from these cheapseats. 😛
All and all, I’m going to hang with my still favorite summer show ’till the end, after all, I’ve made it this far. And sure there’s still plenty of heat, boom-booms, and Bruce Campbell snarky to make us all smile.  But from here, it’s looking as though the end is not going to be all that satisfying, like the writers had to rush out an ending. Burn Notice is a great show and DESERVES a well-thought out, clever ending.
I’m still holding out hope for the best, but I ain’t ‘xpectin’ it.
As fans, I think we’re all of one mind, we’re just “trending the water” until we can see Michael and Fi back together….
Tell me I’m wrong… 😛
 Grab a Yogurt or a Beer while ya’got the chance Brother…this could get VERY…mundane,
J. Devious, ESQ.

2 thoughts on “Burn Notice: The ( Almost) Final Look

    1. I’d like to see that too. Even if it seems more and more unlikely and “sappy” at this point. I may be a dude, but I’m a sucker for happy endings. And hot pixie chicks. lol

      You’re welcome for sharing, and thank YOU for stopping by! 🙂

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