Smart People On Ice

 Real Genius Classic poster

Hey all, what’s going on inside Jimmy Devious’ head to start off this week?

Of course, it’s Monday, life is slow and droll. Your brain is in a coma. And by your brain I mean…MINE. 😛
(Hey, it could be true for both of us, right? lol )
Yeaaap, it’s time for another Movie Quote Monday!
Once again, we mine for movie quote gold (as opposed to “nose gold” 😛 )
in one of my favorite films of all-time…Real Genius.
This time, sit back and enjoy the exploits of “Smart People On Ice.”


Now, doncha wish YOU had done stuff like that when you were in college? 😉

Jordan, the hottest hyperkinetic dork in coveralls…ever!
J. Devious, ESQ.

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