Major League: Slapshot With Baseball Gloves On (Do We Care? No! )

What’s going on in Jimmy Devious’ head this Friday to close out the week?
I’ve been sick…so you’re getting a special episode of Thrilling Cinema Thursday a day late…I hope ye won’t mind too much!
Continuing on with my “Jimmy D’s Movies Of Summer” series, let’s take on the number one activity of the sizzling season…let’s talk BASEBALL!

And when ya’ think baseball, you think…

Major League movie poster

Major League

(Yeah yeah, I KNOOOOW I sorta talked about it in a previous post but not a film review! So there! 😉 )

So let’s see how we dig into this one, shall we?

“What’s The Big Idea?”
A former exotic dancer (Margret Whitton) marries the owner of the struggling Cleveland Indians, but the poor old sap unexpectedly croaks on their wedding night so she inherits the team. (Foul play maybe? Naaah, don’t worry about it… this is supposed to be a comedy, right? 😉 ) Her plan is to field the worst team of loser misfits she can, so she can then move the loser featherheads to sunny sexy Miami. But the players. led by vet catcher Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger) Rookie Pitcher/Part-Time Criminal Ricky Vaughn (Charilie Sheen) and Willie Mays Hays (Wesley Snipes) aren’t about to take this shite-hand lying down…
Major League Movie Guys
That is IF they can come together as a team and find a way to win…thus spoiling evil biach’s plans. But like we’ve previously established…they’re losers…supposedly…yeaaaah…
“Whatta We Got On The Spacecraft That’s Good?”
Quite simply put, this is the greatest baseball comedy of all time. It’s the most beloved movie by real baseball players, because it captures quite accurately the goofy dugout spirit and camaraderie of a real baseball team in an absurd unrealistic farcical situation. (No way any owner would deliberately tank their team…even back then!)
Major League Charlie Sheen

Tom Berenger suits his part as All-American rough’n’ready Jake The catcher perfectly. Charlie Sheen is likeable and funny as the ace with control issues Ricky. There are a ton of great stand-out performers here, even before many of them became marquee stars, but were on the way up. (Like Dennis Haysbert for instance.)  Plus an excellent run as Skip by unsung character-actor James Gammon, who comes from a generation that produced a ton of great character actors with working-man flair. Guys like him all seem to be gone now, and they ain’t bein’ replaced! 😦

All and all, there’s not too much to dislike or put in the “negative column” with this movie, nevertheless, I must…

“It’s Like People Only Do Things Because They’re Paid, And That’s Just Really Sad’
The movie is so similar to Slapshot as to really call the former a re-telling or “virtual remake” of the latter, older film…except for that whole not-ice…uhh…thing! 😛 (Anyone who has seen both movies knows what I’m talking about.) Berenger is Paul Newman in a catcher’s mask, Sheen is..uhhh….the guy who dances around the ice in his jockstrap…uhh…yeah.
Hell, I think there are nearly identical scenes where Newman’s character and Berrenger’s are having an argument with some other character in their respective movies and both are doing so while in their nasty underwear nursing ice packs on their bum knees… ripoff…err…I mean borrowing! 😛
 The main plot is straight-forward, you can figure it all out once you know it’s a feel-good  sports underdog story in the guise of a comedy. The subplot between catcher Taylor and his old flame love interest Lynn (Rene Russo) is nice, they make a believable coupling, but it seems rushed, like the scripter-scribers threw it in at the last minute. Also it’d of been nice to see more of the “evil stripper” it seems to me her role, much like her character’s sex life, was under-utilized lol 😀
Major League stink
Final Thoughts
Like the title of this blogpost states, League IS Slapshot on a baseball diamond, but that really doesn’t matter all that much in the end, provided you loved Slapshot ANND League was well-executed, and in this first League both of those are true to me. (Note, I said the FIRST movie…don’t bother with the sequels, League 2 is just the Rocky III on a baseball diamond without “Clubber Lang.” lol 😀 )
Major League. It’s baseball, America’s first pasttime. It’s comedy, it’s America’s second pasttime…together. You can’t ask for much more from a movie, which is why it’s become a true summer classic. Sure, she’s got flaws, but don’t we all? 😉

Bottom line, with this classic sportser, we don’t THINK we love you…we know for suuuure!

Great baseball fun. If you’ve never seen it before, check it out! B)

Would never pray to a god that could be bribed with a bucket of fried chicken (you’d need doughnuts, at least!)
J. Devious, ESQ.

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