The Most Poorly Named Product In The World

Mike Rowe funny chicken

That picture right there should be on every box of Corn Flakes. 😉

Oh yeah, what’s going on in Jimmy D’s head today…and curious why actor/presenter/epic man-voice Mike Rowe is up there? That will make sense in a minute.

What probably won’t make sense to you is what we’ve got for Total Silliness Tuesday.
It’s time again for bizarre TV commercial vids from the internet, and what is probably THE worst named product in history…

Check it out!

Hell, even the old videotape is snickering, did you catch it? lol

I wonder how many takes Mr. Rowe had to do before he got through that commercial voiceover without laughing…I’m thinking….maybe…a paltry sum of….32 times?

Yeah, it’s because that man is a professional!! 😀
That is all. Carry on.
Never needs ANYTHING deboned of its wonder at his casa,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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