Christina Hendricks, Mark Twain and…Cats


What’s going on in Jimmy Devious’ head for this Wednesday?
Well, normally (it would seem) this would be the time for another update on my writing project progress, or at least something about the ‘Stros, or a tribute to “White Honky” culture.
But alas, the books are going slow as of late, due to lack of motivation, and personal legal difficulties.
Not to mention the Astros are awful as all hell this year!
(Though I’ve promised myself to do at least ONE Astros segment, before the summer’s over, and I WILL get to it…eventually. *groan* 😛 )
For now though, I’m resurrecting a semi-occasional blog category of mine. This time, it’s Quote Bash
…Round 4.
Take it away, Mark Twain, we all know ye are just as wise as you are dead….
Christina Hendricks redhead boobs Mark Twain
Feel Free If your stopping by my blog today to post some favorite quotations of your own, I’d love to read them!
Perhaps Mark Twain would’ve thought Christina Hendricks evolved from Breastasaurus instead,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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