Muppets, Ode To Joy, And Poor poor Beaker

What’s going on inside Jimmy Devious’ head for this Tuesday?
Muppets funny beaker
Well, duuuh, it’s Tuesday ‘Pressers! Whaddya think that means?
Right, Total Silliness Tuesday.
(Okay, maybe not EVERY week, but probably 75% of the time. Why? Because it’s easy and fun to do, of course! 😉 )
This week’s edition takes me back to my past, and most specifically, The Muppets.

A video clip rendition of the classical music piece, “Ode To Joy” starring the hapless scientific sidekick, Beaker.

Poor ol’Beaker, the dude always gits blowed up! LOL 😀

Beaker is the Christoper Walken of muppets, just looking at him always makes me giggle!

Happy Tuesday. 🙂
J. Devious, ESQ.

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