Wheeze The Juice!

Encino Man Wheeze The Juice
Hey hey all WordPressers, long time no see!
.What’s been going on inside Jimmy D’s head for a while now has been a TON of important stuff, not least of which, a rapid-fire trip to Florida to see the grandparents and a lot of…shall we say personal business.
As such, I had to totally neglect this blog, due to those constraints.
For this, I apologize. I will sincerely TRY to be more concise in and routine about posting here on out ’till Christmas, the internet keyword here being: TRY! lol
For now though, let’s do a Movie Quote Monday.
For this week, one of the major catchphrases a’la a “classic” comedy movie from my childhood, Encino Man. Put Brendan Fraser  (longterm) and Pauly Shore (briefly) on the map, and made us never look at a “Stop’N’Rob’s” Icee machine the same way again.

It’s hot. It’s Summer….why not “Wheeze The Juuuuu….uuuuice!”

Wow, I had totally forgotten how white and skinny Brendan Fraser used to be back then!

Brings back memories, does it not?

(Annnd YESSS, I did notice the goof as Link is leaving the store, thanks for pointing that out, I got it! 😉 )

To this day still wonders where the doughnut fits in Stoney’s 4 Basic Food Groups system,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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