Who Do You Write Like?

J.D. Salinger
It sez I write like this guy. Guess that’s a compliment! 😉
Hey Pressers, what’s going on inside Jimmy Devious head today?
Another day of work. Another Writer’s Update Wednesday to tell y’all how I’m doing with my creative projects.
Well….sorta. 😛
While on one hand, this is a typical update in that I am still working, mainly focusing on editing/revising previously written stuff right now…and it SUCKS! 😛

On the other, I also found something via my writer pals over at  Scribophile that you may enjoy.

It’s a plug-in app/game thingie called  “I Write Like…”

Just copy the text of something you’ve previously written, could be a short story, a novel chapter, or even a “cuss-out email” you’ve angrily written to someone else in your own blood (not that you would do that…right? 😉 ) and then, paste the text into the box and hit enter.

The program compares your text with the known word patterns of many illustrious writers of the past and present, and will tell you who your text sounds like the most from that group.

I got J.D. Salinger. Yeah, the weird Catcher In The Rye guy. 😛
I’d say it works.
 Now, it’s your turn….go on, give it a go, it’s fun!
What, my fortune cookie writes like e.e. cummings? How the heck did my cookie get e.e. cummings?
J. Devious, ESQ.

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