The MmmMerry Wonder Of Macaroni And Cheese

What’s on Jimmy D’s mind today?
A blog segment I haven’t done in ages!
Time again for another Food Porn Friday!
I’ve been meaning to do this one for the longest time, but with book work and some other things, I have been severely distracted!
For this edition of F-P-F,  I have for you one of the greatest foodie-foods ever designed by mankind. A scrumptious feast of nook-and-cranny-gooey-goodness so simple and delicious, I wouldn’t be surprised somewhere if there were a conspiracy nut who thought it was first fixed by the gods themselves.
Of course, I mean….Macaroni And Cheese!!
Mac And Cheese 1
How can anyone not love it?
(Hell, even the dairy and lactose-intolerant want to eat it!)
Sure, you first learn to love it when you’re a child, because Mommy’s tired and needs something quick to fix with those freezer-burned chicken nuggets or nastyass fishsticks she busted out after a long day at work. Trust the Gordon’s Fisherman…Me arse!! 😛
It’s really is a zen kind of thing, when you think about it. Macaroni, the “Special Ed cousin” of pasta that’s usually too hard and sticky so they sneak it in and under other things. Golden American cheese that when it breaks the rules and melts all over creation and becomes a loose cannon menace. A delicious nacho-cheese-counter-and-finger-ruining menace, but a menace none-the-less.
They’re like two bros in a cop movie, forced by chief to work together in hunger-fighting until Old Man Mac(aroni’s) retirement. They can’t hack it with anyone else quite as well, but when they partner up, they’re a “lethal weapon” of kicking tastebud ass!
Macaroni….and…Cheese….THEY’RE COPS! 😀
They’re the hot action duo of Flavortown, and who doesn’t want to dig in on that?
Mac And Cheese 5
Throw in Bacon as the “Joe Pesci” third-wheel to this culinary posse and you’ve got a sequel!
Sure, you can make a Mac’N’Cheese that’s totally healthy, throw in some green stuff, maybe use some fancier Euro Cheeses and whatnot…
Mac And Cheese 4
… but does it matter either way?
I have yet to find a Mac and Cheese that was completely inedible. Hell, even the cheapo Mac quarter-quarter cuplet of the stuff you find in a TV dinner tray still tastes better than a jumbo Hot Pocket.
It’s a magical thing. It’s like…;like the pyramids with its mysterious layers upon layers of oven-baked goodness. Here Macaroni is not too hard-edged. Here cheese can go nuts and melt all over itself, and in so doing, melt your heart in the process. It’s easy to prepare, easy to experiment with, and easiest of all to eat.
Mac And Cheese 3
Had a bad day? Get you some Mac’N’Cheese!
Hung Over? Mac and Cheese!
Plotting to throw a nosey neighbor out of a window? Plot away my friend, while eating some Mac’N’Cheese!
The M and C duo makes everything better. It’s great warm comfort food on a frigidly cold day, and it works well as the favored side dish at summer BBQ’s. You can serve it in the slums, the Trailer Park, or even at the House Of Windsor.
The M to The C is the Bomb! It goes with everything. And even if it didn’t, we as humans would find a way to MAKE IT go with everything! There’s a reason why Kraft does these horrible commercials where adults are swiping their kids M and C rations all the time. Because, dirty secret, it’s true!
M and C isn’t just for kids. We all love it. And anyone who doesn’t love it is probably going to Hell anyway! 😉 lol
Macaroni and Cheese, an even better duo in its perfect har….mo….NEE than Ebony and Ivory.  we all know it.
Mac And Cheese 2
And for that, M to the C, I salute thee! 🙂
Happy Friday, friends and neighbors.
In this case, it really is easy…being cheesaaay,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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