Worst Death Scene Of All Time

What’s going on inside Jimmy D’s head again this day?
Weeeell…it seems I have all my days discombobulated again.
You see, I’ve actually been silly enough to believe for most of the day that it was Tuesday, and thus, feeling silly + Tuesday equals Total Silliness Tuesday
Cool right? But I’ve only just now realized as I’m composing this blogpost, that today is in fact NOT Tuesday.
It’s Wednesday. Big dur, I know.
I had gone and finished a post and everything only to realize upon completion that I am a chowderhead. 😛
Well, I suppose we’ll just call this one a very “special” T-S-T because of my big screwup. (Who took my Tuesday dangit?? Where did it go?? LOL )
Anyway, no sense letting a perfectly good post go to waste. So here you go. You think those loooooooong drawn out “deathbed speeches” characters make in movies are boring and tedious?  Think they use too much slow-mo and “artistic blood-letting?”

Whatever you think you’ve seen up ’till now is NOTHING compared to this….I give you, the worst death scene of all time…

Oh it says “The End” but I suspect that guy is still dying…somewhere.

There you go friends and neighbors. Happy Tuesday..errr…on Wednesday. 🙂
When he shoots bad guys, they always do The Moonwalk as they fall to their deaths,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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