The Most Infamous Scene From Troll 2

Uhhh actually, YES…it was! 😉
What’s going on inside Jimmy Devious’ head this Monday?
First off the top of this nobby noggin, my apologies. I’ve been neglectifying this blog lately in a growingly frightful way..and for that, I’m sorry.
Err no I’m not, but you can pretend, since I said it and everything 😉
Actually, I really have just been very busy with other projects and so this had taken a backseat lately like a bad kid on the Cheese Wagon.
Sooner or later, I WILL have a week again where I’m able to give all you nice WordPressers a blogpost a day….maybe even this week. (But…let’s not get ahead of ourselves it’s only Monday! 😛 )
And a Movie Quote Monday at that.
Sure, I think I may have posted this clip somewhere before, but it’s always good for a few giggles. Not to mention, it’s reflects beautifully the mood I’m in

Friends and Neighbors, I give you the “fly scene” from Troll 2.

Scream along with him, why doncha? ( I am! 🙂 )

I guess this gives new (old?) meaning to the popular internet forum phrase don’t feed the troll!

Now, don’t you feel better, getting all that nasty Monday out of your system? 😀

Taking a moment to “honor” the most famous fly in movie history,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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