Danger Mouse, The World’s Smallest Secret Agent

What’s going on inside your virtual pal Jimmy D’s head today?
A little taste or two of something I haven’t done in quite a while on here, matter-a-fact.
For this week, it’s Totally Retro Tuesday.
And a cool cartoon memory from my now-distant 1980’s childhood. What do you get friends and neighbors when you combine the demure cuteness of Stuart Little,  the dry British humor Monty Python, and the super slick action of James Bond?

Why Danger Mouse that’s what-what!!


DM is and was the last of it’s kind. The last “truly UK” cartoon show that had wide cultural influence beyond the isles and across the pound. During my father’s infamous “Ned Flaunders phase” of super-Christian fundamentalism (or at least, what they call it nowadays) when I wasn’t ALLOWED to watch anything expressly violent or that could even HINT at witchcraft (No more Smurfs, because Gargamel had a cauldron and a cat named Azrael…a DEMON! 😛 )
DM was one of the few things I was still allowed to watch. It’s quick, it’s cute, it’s totally family-friendly and completely blatant in it’s….Britishness.
Danger Mouse Union Jack
I mean, yeah, it’s another mouse hero. But, he’s a COOL SWASHBUCKLING mouse hero. Sure, Ralph S. Mouse had his motorcycle and that’s neat-o, but D-M had the Mark III flying car and a super secret pillbox bachelor pad!!
As a kid, I have to admit I didn’t get all the jokes, but I still had fun. It’s a great little show to watch on the rare ocassion my Dad had a business trip. It goes down fantastic on a “Sloppy Joes and Mac and Cheese night.” (Hmmm…which reminds me, a Food Porn Friday idea in there somewhere, perhaps-perhaps?? 😀 lol )
All of a sudden I’m rediscovering it again. In an age where it seems everything 80’s is getting remade, I wonder why nobody is seriously considered bringing the pint-sized puns-a-minute panache of Danger Mouse to the silver screen?
Whether it be in its traditional animation style of yore, or a more “updated” live-action…ish look a’la the Stuart Little movies of the 2000’s, either way, I could see it being a hit. (A kind of James Bond movie for the little buggers.)
I’m thinking about even buying the complete series (which again, you can check out in the link above.) I think my niece and nephew are just about at that age where they might like it. Whatdya think?? Do you think the kids of today could get down on DM,  Hmmm??

In any rate, if you grew up with Danger Mouse, why not give it another go? And if you didn’t, watch the short episode linked to right…..about…….NOW….

…and see a little something of what you missed!

Danger Mouse, good old fashioned (AMAAAAZING! ASTOOOOOUNDING!!) family fun.
Danger Mouse is forever baby! B)
J. Devious, ESQ.

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