“Can You Hammer A Six Inch Spike Through A Board With Your Penis?”

Real Genius Chris Knight
REAL GENIUS’ CHRIS KNIGHT: The greatest movie badass you may well never have heard of! 🙂
What’s going on inside Jimmy Devious head today?
Care to take a guess??
Hasn’t it become routine, isn’t it obvious? 😉
(I swear, I’ll get one of the books done, sooner or late 🙂 )
But, since it won’t be today, I have another Movie Quote Monday for you…and from one of my all-time favorite 1980’s cult comedies, AKA the “other Weird Science” but BETTER movie IMO, Real Genius.

In this “iconic” scene, the protag, the genius slacker Chris Knight (Val Kilmer) gets “owned” for the only time in the entire film when he tries to hit on an attractive young woman IN FRONT OF HER OWN FATHER, in somebody else’s house.

Watch and learn from the master, watch-and-learners…

Yeahhhh…. Now,let’s see you top THAT, Bob Vila!! 😀

This is actually two great lines in one. I really think this flick should’ve gotten more respect back in the day. But alas, no. It does now though, from me! 🙂
Could probably screw in a Phillips head screw with just his glutes, but that’s about it,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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