The Classic Taplight, Jaboody Dubs

SULLY: If you’ve watched late-night TV you know who he is, whether you want to…or not!


Hey WordPressers, what’s going on inside Jimmy Devious’ head this Tuesday?
Well, it’s been a slow week thus far. I had considered doing either a Monologue Monday or Manly Monday segment yesterday to start off the week, but found my book work, and other various little projects getting away from me…so I had to scrap it.
But today being Tuesday, you know what that usually means…Total Silliness Tuesday!

I have another clip for you from the awesomely funny Youtube channel Jaboody Dubs

This time he’s parodying another imfamous Anthony Sullivan product, The Taplight.
(Surely you remember those commercials, they were on all the timmmme!!

I just wonder when they’re ever going to get around to making a Bell And Howell Sonic Hearing parody…that would be epic!! 🙂

Regularly goes bowling with the boogieman every chance he can get,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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