How To Write: Write What You Love!

write what you love
Yeahhh, it’s a bit “girlie” for my blog, but the sentiment is still true! 🙂
What’s going on In Jimmy D’s head this day??
As has become somewhat the norm for me as of late, Busy, busy, BUSY!! 😛
I HAD hoped to do a “We Love The Stros Wednesday” post this week, but I’ve been holding out on that for a week of better news, and they behaving as the same old stank-tastic “Stros they were last year in the National League…so far. 😉
So…it’s off to another Writer’s Update Wednesday.
First off, The various book projects are coming along quite well, particularly Scan Monkeys (AKA my “Retro Video Store Comedy Novel.”
Considering I haven’t actually been writing that book for even a full year yet, it’s all moving fast. I’d say I’m probably halfway through with the initial draft…perhaps even two-thirds the way through, depending on what I eventually keep in and what I leave out.
As far as the endless “Hillbilly Apocalypse Project” which has been going on FOOOOOREEEEVER….it’s still going on forever; just more research, writing, and re-writes.
Annnnywaaaaay, what else do I want to talk about? Of course!! How to write!!

For those of you who know me in RL or those who have been following this blog for more than a month, I recently joined this writer’s support group and forum called Scribophile

For those who are aspiring writers, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It really has a lot on offer for anyone who wishes to improve their skill. (In fact, as so as I get up enough “cred” to put up the stuff I want, I’ll be workshopping out a chapter or two of both the asforeskin-mentioned projects!! 🙂 )

Go check it out! 🙂

But ANNNNNYWAAAAY, Part II: I brought up “Scrib” not only as a shameless plug, but to mention that in a recent forum topic, a young, focused, female writer of YA Sci-Fi novels (as in “published” and has an agent!) was discussing with the group the pressures she was originally under to “write-to-market” or write what sells right now….and the brilliant way she chose to deal with it.

It is an important lesson for ANY writer, and it’s one you should always keep at the forefront of your mind….
Write what you LOVE!
Sure, it seems simple enough to remember…I mean, why wouldn’t someone write what they love?? Especially if it’s what you’re good at? But one would also be amazed at how TEMPTING it is to try and write “to what sells.”
As any writer knows who’s tried again and again and again…
…and again and again and again… 😛
…FOR YEARS to get noticed, it can be trying as Hell to make anything stick. You often feel like you’re spinning your wheels in a perpetual “Pen-gatory” never able to hardly get ANYONE (sometimes even your own family members ) to read, or READ ALL THE WAY through your works. You submit queries, day after day, week after week, year after year, to agents and publishers…only to get blown off. Over and over.
It can grind on your soul.
It can even make your start to doubt your own talents and abilities….if you let it.
But like I said, there’s that lesser, much more tempting “evil.”
You see yourself seemingly going NOWHERE with your efforts, but then, there’s some other “author” who isn’t as talented as you, crank out something in their chosen genre (may even be your genre too) that is “pure dreck” YET, they’re RICCCCH!!
Every piece of crap…err piece of work they write ends up adapted for film and you can’t figure out why your stuff can never get a second glance, even though you know its CLEARLY superior to Stephanie Meyer’s…err…I mean THERIS. 😉
You start to see patterns in publishing trends…whether they’re really there or not. You start to wonder if maybe you were born at the wrong time, or live in the wrong place, or even have the wrong genitalia to become a popular novelist in this day and age!
The “doubt creep” starts in your mind.
Maybe if YOU TOO wrote a “Vampire/Werewolf/Werepig/Pseudo-Mormon-Teenie-bopper Romance Novel” under a chick-o-fied pen name like, “Melody Elizabeth Wheaton” you’d be rolling in the buckets of bucks as well!!
And your blue collar father would quit calling you a bum to all his blue collar redneck friends. 😀
The truth is, you WILL eventually come back to your senses. Sure, maybe some of those assumptions you make in your brief moments of panic and self-doubt will turn out to be true (women DO buy more books than dudes) that doesn’t mean that even if you did do something like that it would work.
In fact, let me say here the same thing on said on Scrib…IT WON’T WORK.
Why?? Simple…because you’re you. You’re not a 30-40-something Mormon stay-at-home-housewife chick (Okay, well at least, I’m not 😀 ) And you don’t really care about the teen dramas of Vampire Werepigs…so why would you try to write something that isn’t you??
People can spot a “fake” a mile a way. Someone who is in the game just to get noticed.
Say what you will about Meyer and her abilities as a writer…she didn’t just get noticed…she caught fire by coming out of nowhere with her painfully tedious prose…err her POPULAR prose.
Technically, she WAS a trend-setter. Why would you just want to get noticed? People who just get noticed have another name…they’re called FOLLOWERS!
To close things out here, there is this really old self-help book from the 70’s I read not too long ago, that was rec’ed to me by my Dad of all people. It’s called The Greatest Miracle In The World by Og Mandino. Again, it’s a self-help book, and tells a purportedly true story, but that’s not so important right now, except to say, that at the end of the book the author receives these “The Four Great Laws Of Success And Happiness” and one of these applies most of all to our virtual discussion…
Law 2: Proclaim Your Rarity!
 In other words, we are all unique human beings…why would you try to be anyone else, even for a second?? Why would you want to rob yourself of the joy of drawing your own strength from YOUR words?? There’s a great quote from the portion of the book that discuses Law 2, and I’ll try my best to paraphrase it from memory, “Never talk as your brother talks, nor walk as your leader walks, for who do you know that you are not imitating evil. One who imitates good is never good enough and one who imitates evil always goes beyond the example set, imitate no one!”
Bottom line, I don’t care anymore whether my blog gets 1000’s of hits everyday, or hardly gets any because it changes topics all the time from day-to-day and isn’t “niche” enough to get noticed… because that’s how I REALLY THINK…my mind changes to different pursuits day-to-day. I can only blog the Jimmy D way.
I can only be funny the Jimmy D way, I can only be serious the Jimmy D way. If most of the world rejects the Jimmy D way from now to the end of time, or accepts it, either way that’s fine, I have no choice…because it’s just who I am…and after many years, I’ve come to realize, I can ONLY be me, win lose, or crash and burn! 😉
But if the rest of humanity ever discovers/likes the Jimmy D way of “spinnin’ a yarn” then I will know at that very moment I got there BECAUSE It was what I LOVED to do and I was blessed…I put the whole heart of inspiration behind it…it will truly be a success earned in its purest form, won by a one of a kind original.
You too are also a one-of-a-kind original. Prove it. Show the world who YOU are, not what you think they’ll buy. Do it the way you love…for sooner or later you’ll come to realize that there really IS no other way to do it. Your “writer’s voice” is the ONLY one you’ve got.
Unless of course, you’re insane…but…you’re not insane…are you??
Happy Wednesday, WordPressers and Fellow Writers!
Will NEVER Publish Three Nanoseconds Before Dawn Or Half-Past Fifteen Seconds To Breaking Moon Twilight By Melody Wheaton,
J. Devious, ESQ.

One thought on “How To Write: Write What You Love!

  1. Well said, and stick to it. I believe in you. By the way, your Dad’s not a redneck. :-). He’s just “Old School”.

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