How Forrest Gump SHOULD Have Ended—Total Silliness Tuesday

Preach on brother, PREACH! lol
What’s going on inside Jimmy Devious’ head this Tuesday?
Actually, I’ve been a little bit busy working on “promotionals” and other things for my various books…
(One of such “promotionals” you guys SHOULD get a taste of tomorrow, IF all goes according to plan. 😛
Hence, why there was no post on Monday, if anybody noticed. 😉
But, for today, we’ll try some Total Silliness Tuesday

And continuing on from last week’s movie review of Forrest Gump how about a funny video edit thingamajig of how Forrest Gump SHOULD have ended??

Well, I THOUGHT it was pretty danged funny…and true too! 😉

Usually prefers to “Pogo-ball” away from HIS deadbeat girlfriends, or perhaps on a razor scooter,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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