A Good Natured Salute To The Geek Girl

What’s inside Jimmy Devious’ head at the end of this week?
Well it’s another laid-back Friday, and you know what that means…
(Okay, PRETEND you do anyway 😛  lol )
It’s Foxy Lady Friday!

For this installment, I’m going to go where I went last time with the Tomboys and give mellow ode to another one of my favorite “class” of women and girls, or a certain type. Though in recent years these shes really don’t need my praise, given the “fad” it has become for pretty celebrity women like Ellen Page…

Ellen Page dorky

…and Zooey Deschanel…

Zooey Deschannel hot

Zooey Deschanel dorky

…to want to look and ACT like them. 😉

(or to “come out” openly admit to the world that they ARE one of them…)

But yes, I’m offering my own praises anyhow.

I’m talking about YOU, you saucy GEEK GIRLS.
Geek Girl  Hot Vulcan
You know who you are. The true sisters of your “secret society” may not always get the press or the second-looks they deserve (because, contrary to popular belief, not EVERY Geek Girl looks like a supermodel only with black horn-rimmed librarian glasses on all the time. 😉  )
Geek Girls are a rare and “awkward” specimen. It is not that they can’t be attractive or pretty, or that they’re not inherently attractive. Geek Girls are often the awkward girls BECAUSE they don’t quite fit into the little shaded boxes society gives them to stand in.
Geek Girls are the ones who REFUSE to just stand there and look pretty, even if they ARE pretty.
Geek Girls are regularly told they THINK too much, and even WORSE, think too much out loud.:P
Geek Girls come in many shades, shapes, and sizes, (preppy geek, punk geek, goth geek, film geek, band geek, orchestra geek, theatre geek, super dorky geek, loner geek, pervy sexpot geek  😉 )  but their most unifying characteristics are how “well endowed” they are…with BRAIN POWER and rapid-fire tongue-age.
A Geek Girl is rarely seen without some form of reading implement, usually a dusty book from a discount book store, and in many cases, a unique way, like a vintage cartoon lunchbox (which she “commandeered” from her big brother) to carry all her wordy treasures in.
Retro Kung Fu lunch box
Ain’t no lady hotter than one who karries her stuff in a Kung Fu lunch kit!
(Oh, and a Geek Girl would probably know what commandeer means without having to look it up first, so there’s that. 😉 )
In fact, if one HAS to describe a Geek Girl using just one of her FAVORITE things, words, that one word would probably be unique.
Geek Girl RD-D2 Helmet
Everything a Geek Girl does has to be unique, the way she dresses, the way she moves, the way she dots her I’s or uncrosses her T’s. (sans pink hearts and sunshiney-smiley faces! )
Everything is somehow an expression of herself and her “free mind” whether the rest of the world knows it or not.
Geek Girls don’t ALWAYS have be loud in the way they speak, in fact, the ones closest to you just MIGHT fly under your radar, until you pay them some mind, but once you do, and OPEN that mind up, they’ll never stop talking…to you. 😉
You see, that’s what Geek Girls love to do most, think and discuss, think and discuss, they have an insatiable need to FEED the brain. They have a ravenous curiosity, a near CONSTANT need to be mentally…stimulated.
Even in bed. (You know, as in dreaming/asleep…not as in…uhh…the OTHER thing…necessarily! 😛 lol )
You want to flirt/foreplay with a Geek girl? Start with a movie or book quotes “duel”
(oh yeah, wait a sec…) 
How To Have A Movie Quote Duel
1. Person A goes first, with their famous/obscure film quote
2. Person B follows, but their quote HAS TO respond to the previously mentioned quote, or be “in sync” with the previous one as if they’re having a conversation, but can’t be from the same film….
As per Examplo:
Person A: “Who are YOU??”
Person B: “I’m your Huckleberry”
Person A: “JeSAAAS H. Christ Pyle, what the F&%ck is that?? “
Person B: “Iccccce cream, LEW-tenNAUT Daaaan, iceeeee creaaaaaaaam…”
Person A: “It’s the question that drives us. You know the question, just as I did…”
Person B: “Are YOU my DAAAAAADDDDDY??”
Persons A and B: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
3. Banter continues until one f’s-up or admits they can’t continue, and thus must comply with previous mentioned “terms” of the wager set for said Movie Quote Duel.
(Glad we cleared that up. Returning to our regularly sHED-duled blogpost, already in progress 😉 )

…or perhaps discussing the finer scientific/schematic points of how to construct a real lightsaber, or why she could write a better dirty book than  Fifty Shades Of Grey any day of the week.

These “deep” conversations can last for hours and hours or minutes and minute, depending on whether or not she finds that the person she’s talking to is either a kindred spirit, or an unedumacated schlub. Alcohol is often consumed during these discussions, or strong coffee.

If the said “conversator” with Geek Girl is found by her to be attractive and/or an “equal”there is twice as likely the chance that the Geek Girl will try to physically “take advantage” of you after one of these discussions, rather than if you just walked up to her out of nowhere and said…

“Hey, you gotta nice wiggle baby…you wanna be in a movie??”
(Yeah…DON’T just try that out of the blue, unless of course you make sure to do so with a little glint in your eye, and HEAVILY acknowledge it as a Family Guy reference! Which she may pick up on quickly, IF you approach it right. )
Geek Girls are cool customers. Geek Girls are observant (unless of course they’re lost in a book or playing around on their phone, but observant MOST of the time 😛 )
They have a keen interest in music….often ECLETIC music, anything from stuff as recent to Vampire Weekend, The Shins, even the WU TANG CLAN, etc, to stuff that goes as far back as Dylan, Billie Holiday, or even maybe Edith Pilaf. You just never know what they’ll pulleth out of their IPod next….you you’ve got to be on your toes!
Heck, she may even have her own band and have her OWN music on her there….you just never know.
They are oft impressed with science stuff…and if you’re lucky, maybe they EVEN understand what the hell  String Theory is all about
Geek Girls also are generally up on Comic books…err…GRAPHIC NOVELS…Whooops! (Don’t kill me please! 😛 )
…and tend to be frequent participants in Ren Faires, Ren Faire costuming….
Ren Faire girl 1
Ren Fair Girl 2

…And cosplay…

Lara Croft cosplay


Princess Leia cosplay bun

kaylee firefly cosplay
If you know who this last one is supposed to be, then you are ONE SHARP Geeky Chica! 😉

Geek Girls also tend to have high IQ’s a vast vocabulary, and will regularly use really big “50-dollar words” in casual conversation. Just to show off. 🙂

So you better not be an obstreperous cantankerous nematode around her, or she may well excoriate your medulla in public and keel haul you! :p

Vocabulary Workshop book
Many a Geek Girl mastered this here book when they were in skrueel 😉
Bottom line, I love Geek Girls because they combine two err THREE things I love most into one human being; intelligence, girliness, and INDIVIDUALISM.
Except for the opposite genitalia, they basically remind me…of…well….me.
(Only I’m uglier 😉 lol )
Geek Girls are a pleasant reminder of just how truly fantastico life could really be, IF we all had the courage to be ourselves.
And who couldn’t possibly love that??
(Seriously, if you can’t, I’m giving you a wedgie…and I’ll let Geek Girl help, using force multiplier mechnical engineering techniques…you’ll NEVER get out of our Double Jock Lock! )
Geek Girlies, fear not, you will always have a friend in me! I salute you! 🙂
Still proudly carries his confectionaries and lunch in an ORIGINAL Kermit The Frog lunch box,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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