“A Preheated Cold War” — Poetry Of Pure Genius

Girl and Guy Flirting
The “Battle” between the sexes NEVER stops (nor should it 😉 )
What’s going on inside Jimmy D’s head today?
First, (in case anybody actually noticed) ) let me apologize for not having something cool up…or err…something NEW up here for you friends and neighbors to read for Wednesday…
…but I was SUPER busy with the books and other stuff, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was being super lazy….
Err, nevermind. :p
Anyway, along those lines, and because the “blog muse” has deserted me yet again today, I’m launching a new “roving” blog segment (I promise, PROMISE it will be the last new blog category in here for awhile ) that you could see pop up in here any old day of the week.
I’m calling it… Poetry Of Pure Genius.

Very similar in style to my “Limericks Of Pure Genius” only this will/could include samplings of ANY type of poetry I’ve written over the years. (Yes, I write them all. 😉 )

The following is one of my (fairly) new favorites…enjoy!
Don’t walk by me
If you can’t slow that swish
Of your step-slide down
Into a smooth syrup
That I can pour all over
My perceptive layers
Like pancakes
Letting all of your dark designs
Dribble down my chin
And sop up the sighted slickness
Of your tail fin flowing
All over my skin
Girl and Guy Flirting 3
Don’t look at me
Unless you plan
On letting your eyes linger
Far further than a flying
Fart in the wind for
Your own sake
I hope that you have harnessed
The stamina of the stare
If I were to give you some time
To stare the man down
Don’t dare to think
I’ll bend when you bend
Sink from my strength
Or blink before you
Don’t smile my way
If you can’t stand the sizzle
Of the smirk I shoot back
At you
Tat for tit
Bat for bit
We swap sarcasm
Like lovers
Swap spit
Don’t give me that pout
If you don’t plan to put out
The best of the rest
Of your wit
Woman flirting with uninterested male friend
Don’t think things
So smolderingly sinister
About me
On and off
The sly
Unless you plan to put
Them to use
Take aim and let fly
I don’t
Plan to pull out
My cockiness from the
Crime scene no matter
How much your
Pretty stained glass
Pretends to
Crackle and cry
Don’t think I am so silly
As to not know what you know
I know that you know
That we both know
That we know
Is going on
And what is coming off
Don’t presume that I haven’t caught you
Catching me catching you
In a wide ocean sea
Of balmy sentences
After all, It is barely noon
Don’t believe that you’re
So super snarky
That you’ll swiftly put
This baby off to bed
Girl and Guy Flirting 5
Don’t forget
That your bustle bounce
Of a gunslinger’s grinning gait
May have bought and brought the battle
To a close
But just you
Wait for the war isn’t over
We’ll be back on the morrow
Going through the
Punky paces and
Making faces
At one another
Of pretend hate
Don’t try to hide
Your ever-growing pleasure
In the masks of your pride and all
Things snide
For I know I can
Smell the signature scent
Of the secret joy in which you abide
Don’t think you can be mean
When I know you don’t mean it
Oh and by the way
Don’t ever try to stop doing
To me
Everything you do
Forget all this sorry crap
I’ve supposedly just said
Or I think I’ll freaking
(wink!) 🙂
Girl sticking her tongue out

February 16, 2007
Pretty snazzy, eah? 😉
Happy last Thursday in February, Blogster folks!
Always prefers the “wit” of his women preheated,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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