A Ridiculously Funny Movie Death Scene …YOU MUST WATCH!

funny turkey
Uhhh…guys, I’ve already GOT that turkey!! (just watch the video, you’ll get it! )
What’s going on Inside Jimmy D’s head this fine, sun-shiny Tuesday?
Pretty much just a wholllle lottta blaaaah….and maybe even a teensy shade of bleh.
So how about we get silly?? 😉
For this week’s Total Silliness Tuesday, check out what appears to be an “action death scene sequence” (term used loosely there 😉 ) from some B-Movie I’ve never heard of….
SPOILER ALERT…ish: It combines several things into a “action death sequence” that nobody WOULD THINK to put into a scene like this…not to mention some of the best catch phrases….like…..ever.
You’ll hate yourself tomorrow morning if you don’t check this out, I gur-RON-TEE it!

See?? Isn’t your life SOOO MUCH BETTER now that you’ve seen that?

Not. 🙂
You’re welcome!! 😉
Must’ve been “smoking some heavy doobies” if he thought anybody would come to his blog JUST to see that goofy crap,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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