Even Sports Illustrated Is Racist– Monologue Monday

Church Lady SNL
The wet blanket “Church Ladies” of Feminism are at it again!
What’s going on Inside Jimmy Devious’ Head this Monday?
Weeeeell, I thought I’d try my goofy little paws at something with a little more mental HEFT to it. But only a LITTLE bit more mental…uhh…heft. This IS MY blog after all.
 If you read it, you KNOW what you’re getting. 😛 😉
Yeap…it’s another Monologue Monday!
(as per the title up there, Eagle Eye! 😉 )

But, have ya’heard the whole latest dust-up over Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Swimsuit Issue??

Apparently even SI is a racist publication Who knew?

Of course, does this really surprise me at all? Nooooope. Doncha’know it’s the “in thing” now to be a Racist. Or…at least to feign outrage over damn near EVERYTHING and call everybody a racist.
Some women’s rights groups have apparently gotten their shorts all wet over a couple of the photo spreads  in the latest edition and their suposed covert or overt depictions of racism.
Go over there right quick and see the article and the particular pics in particularly particular that these folks are all up in wads about, and you tell me, Do YOU think the photos are…*gulp* Racist???
Bar Refaeli for Sports Illustrated 2010
My opinion?? It’s much a douche about nothing….or at least….it’s not REALLY about what these ladies SAY it’s about. Do you, gentle readers, REALLY want to know what I think this whole thing is really REALLY about??
Because IFyou keep reading on, I’ll tell you….no, I MEANT IT…I really will….and I’m not sure you can handle the truth…if you keep going, it’s at your own risk, got it??
 (Hell, I’ll even take a few virtual breaths to give you some cover so you can leave, so you don’t “accidentally offend” yourself. 😛 )
Okay, what this whole “manufactured controversy” is about….is the whole idea of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue itself.
Many self-styled uber-mega- feminists want it DEAD!!
Yeaap. And they always have. After all, don’t you know Men wanting to see Women looking sexy and nearly naked is EVIL and “objectifying” to them??
So, these few “wet blanket” women do the “in thing” dropping that “R-Bomb” around like its candy or free condom…mints HOPING that perhaps S-I will cave next year and never do another detestible Swimsuit Issue EVER AGAIN!
That’s really about the size of it. It’s all whining and politics.
It’s sad really, that our culture has come to this,  that there are some people out there who feel that anything that is, pretty much, uniquely geared to “male sensibilities” has to go.
For the record, I don’t care all that much about S-I, and haven’t read many of their magazine issues since they had the audacity to refer to my hometown of Houston as a “Hell hole.” Nor have I bought a Swimsuit Issue or cared about one too much since I was, what? 14, 15, 16?? (27 ??) years old??
The Swimsuit Issue is about as soft a “softcore” target as it gets. If these women’s “experts” REALLY cared about stuff that objectifies women and is racist, why not go after all the porno makers who “encourage” women to take multiple really big peckers at once, and take them in places that peckers were not designed to be placed in, and while we’re at it, all the slapping, smacking, swearing, and overt racism that goes on in porn…
NOT that I’ve ever personally seen any of it...ummm…..my eyes are as personally clean as the wind-driven snow.
Yeaaaaaaaah…. :P:D
 Hey, if theese ladies are feeling THAT put out by it, somebody could always put out a “Mancake Swimsuit Edition” for you…
I think we even have our first volunteer….
Rodney Skate Or Die Meme
Rodney from Skate Or Die is willing to do HIS part for female equality.
Err…nevermind. 😉
Bottom line here,  Poor judgement? Maybe. Bad taste? Perhaps. But something isn’t racist just because you say so. And even if it were, there are bigger fish out there to fry. Try as they may, the Swimsuit Issue’s not going anywhere. Men like it, some Women probably like it, and it’s a tradition.
Don’t like that? Too bad. Such is life. Suck it up and deal with it.
That is all.
Would be the skimpy-thonged coverboy of Dork magazine’s Swimsuit Edition 15 times in a row, if either actually existed,
J. Devious, ESQ.

2 thoughts on “Even Sports Illustrated Is Racist– Monologue Monday

  1. I guess I’ve not been watching the news because last time I heard, girls work hard to get on the pages of SI. Not that I read it. We need to stop the Church Ladies before they take over. What’s after SI? Are they gonna take over the interwebs next? But for goodness sake, keep Rodney out of it because that’s not a pretty visual. *shudder*

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