The Day After VD (Oops I Mean Valentine’s Day)

Funny Cookie Monster
He’s cereal about his cookies…and so am I! 😉
What’s going on in Jimmy Devious’ Head this Friday, you say?
I’m actually feeling a tad lackadaisical…actually.
(That’s a fancy-schmancy $50-dollar S-A-T word way of saying I’m lazy….again. 😉 )
But nevertheless friends and neighbors, I think you’ll still be pleased (sorta) with today’s results anyhow.
Time for one of my “disorganized” blog segments, one that doesn’t necessarily apply to any particular day of the week…

(Like, for example “White Honky Wednesday” ” ) but just randomly roams through my blog any time it wishes to pop up…like a squirrel.

funny squirrel pic

Today’s squirrel…err…BLOG SEGMENT is one I like to call “Original Limericks Of Pure Genius” 
I have for you three “quickie” ones, inspired by, you might say, the “Post Valentine’s Day letdown blues.”
(and yippee…they’re short!!)
Enjoy folks!
There once was dude who forgot Valentine’s Day
For he is a dude, what more can you say?
But it is far better to swallow that pride
Rather than to run somewhere and hide
Or you’ll have the wife chasing you with a skillet, all day


Hear of a single young man from France
Who was butt-ugly and fat as a planet’s expanse
But he was shrewd and picked up his slack
For in the strip club he knew how to mack
By “making it rain” hundred-dolla’ bills from his pants
Make It Rain
Meet Mary Katherine “Kitty” Mahone
Who USED to spend every Valentine’s Day sad by the phone
But she became a Jedi Mistress of baking cookies and pies
So she began to attract all of the guys
And now she NEVER has to sit on Valentine’s Day, all alone
Funny Fat Girl
Not bad for having just written all of those just five minutes ago, eah??
(I told you, THEY’RE GENIUS!! 😉  lol)
Happy Friday, Blog friends, and have a great weekend!! 🙂
Never  did meet the “Man From St Ives” nor any of his 7 wives,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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