Valentines, Schmalentines– In The Third Person Thursday

Funny Valentines Day
What’s going on inside your palie-boy Jimmy D’s head?
Well how about a little In The Third Person Thursday
On this Valentine’s Day, 20-unlucky-13, Little Jimmy has quite a big extravaganza planned for his blog concerning the infamous Love Fest holiday….A massively-explosive expose’ (or do you pronounce it, ex-po-ZEE? Who knows? 😛 )
…On the “Valentine’s Day Date From Hell” another NEW addition of the beloved segment, Thoroughly Absurd Fanfiction Thursday but he FORGOT that today was even Valentines, so Little Jimmy spent the day wisely working on his book..s….and watching random comedy clips of Jim Gaffigan on Youtube
Jim Gaffigan funny
Occasionally our young squire Jimmy didst eat things, drank things, peed in the toilet, and thought profound things, while doing all these OTHER things….IF he could remember just WHAT those profound things were…
(It’s what always happens when you watch Gaffigan, he’s a funny albino beast! 😉 )
Another day well-wasted! Young Jimmy thought.
(Well, not REALLY wasted, Jimmy choosing to work on his book and other things isn’t a bad choice of time-spending, it just sounded…uhh…funny…for about 3 seconds….yeaaaaaaaaah….. 😛 )
Oh so it is what it is….Our young Jimmy hath not a date, or a Sweet Pookie, nor a Sweet Baboo on which he would have to spent any amount of his pirate loot on for crappy “love-themed” chatchkis. for Young Jimmy is a known tight-wadded cuss, so maybe this wasn’t such a dumb lonely guy thing to do AFTER all.
Thus, Young Jimmy will likely end his day with all of his money still in his pocket, plenty of laughs in his belly, and yet another chapter or two of his books completed. And there was much rejoicing.
That is all, Friends and Neighbors.
What are/were YOUR plans for this Valentine’s Day?
(If you care to share, make sure you retort in comment form in the THIRD PERSON, in the same way this was written, thaaaank you! 😉 )
Loves wearing a towel as a coat, while eating fruit cake and Cinnabon at a Waffle House…for Valentine’s Day,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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