The Mighty Mardi Gras King Cake REDUX

Hey all, what’s going on inside Jimmy D’s head this Tuesday?

Well seeing as how TODAY is Mardi Gras ….

…A special Re-blog of a Food Porn Friday post on Tuesday.
(again. 😉 )
I’m going back now to work on my books! 🙂
King Cake 1
STOP IT! You KNOW you want a piece. It is POINTLESS to resist!
What’s inside Jimmy Devious’ Head for this Friday?
How about we close out the week with another exciting edition of Food Porn Friday?
(Shhh! Don’t say anything, that question was supposed to be rhetorical, numbnuts…I’m going to do it anyway! 😉 )
Yeaaaah, it’s probably a TAD early, but with the Mardi Gras season soon to arrive…uhh…soon, I thought we would pay some proper reverence to the lovely large centerpiece of any Mardi Gras festivus.
Friends and neighbors, I give you….The King Cake!
King Cake 4
What IS a King Cake, for you poor, POOR souls not fortunate enough to have parents with enough sense to live in, or anywhere near New Orleans? (Awkwardly long question there, but eah, moving on 😛 lol )
A King Cake is a deceptively delicious seasonal CAKEGASM!
First, in your loveable little noggins, see a Cinnabon…. only not QUITE as cinnamony, but GINORMOUS in size… enough to fill a counter or table top; big enough to make the poor wee Cinnabon wet its sugary diapers at the sheer sight of epic K-C….
NOOW, reflect on this folks, a fireworks spread of purple, gold, and green. But is it up in the sky, where ye canst never, ever touch it? OH HELL NO Dessert-lovers, they’re firework-bursts that GO ON YOUR CAKE AND IN YOUR MOUTH made from sprinkly sugar of professional confectioners, and generously layered en-suite with another serious section of THICK pure white ICING underneath!
But we’re not done folks, ooooooooh not even close!!
Go ahead, cut you a slice of this sweet baddie in your mythical Mardi Gras kingdom of the mind…do you suppose you’d see nothing in there but rings of cinnamon, and spongey-cakey “mantle” material?
SIKE!! You’d be wrong again!!
The “modern” King Cake is from New Orleans, playboy! The Crescent City that gave the whole world food flavor! THE “demolition experts” of delicioso…and your taste buds are in for a double-stuffed annihilation of your inhibitions!
For a King Cake to truly be a King Cake it MUST be stuffed to capacity with goodness.
King Cake 2
I could ask you what you THINK is really inside a King Cake, but a better query would be…what do you WANT to be inside your King Cake, because chances are, if it’s sticky, sugar-rushy, fruity, sweet-as-all Hell, and goes well with cream cheese, they can probably squirt in there for you!
Pineapple and Cream Cheese or Raspberry and Cream Cheese are my personal favorites! 🙂
King Cake 3
And correction, I’ve actually heard of KC’s filled up with three or even FOUR different fruit fillings, depending on which “quadrant” of the cake you cut into. (And also, you don’t have to get them with cream cheese inside, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do. 🙂 )
But, OW! Waaait…what’s this weird peachy-fleshy colored marble thing that just gone and dinged my gold gangsta gril—W-T-F??? A….BABY???
King Cake Baby 1
Yeaaap. Another thing that makes the KC unique. After all, Mardi Gras is/was originally a Catholic Pre-Lent debauching-yourself-like-crazy holiday, but every good Christian, even in the midst of sinful gluttony has to be reminded of the baby Jesus…hence why you may yet find tiny baby feet sticking out of your mouth at any given moment whilst enjoying King Cake. (It’s an ADVENTURE in choking!! 😛 )
King Cake Baby 2
Ah yes, a “Breach Birth” King Cake baby…just like me! 🙂
Oh yeah, and it also means you’ve gotta throw the next Mardi Gras party…ANNND Spring for another King Cake for all of us…you lucky dog you!! 😀
Ah yes, the King Cake, the dino-sized party pastry from the city where the Party was perfected! King Cakes are made to be enjoyed anytime anywhere that there is a Mardi Gras party (in fact, it’s not at all uncommon in “Nawlins” for people to even have leftover King Cake for BREAKFAST! 😛 )

If you order from Randazzo’s in Metarie you can get King Cakes ALL YEAR LONG!! Or…you can always go the New Orleans traditional route with Gambino’s in the French Quarter… mucho expensive with the latter though! 😉

The King Cake, yesssss…..always ready for fun, but never overstays its welcome like that uber-creepy wananbe slasher-killer The Burger King Guy….

Creepy Burger King

You MUST try one!!
Always shows shinobi skillz at avoiding the Baby and getting stuck with the check, like the cheap-o bastard he is,
J. Devious, ESQ

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Mardi Gras King Cake REDUX

  1. I just tried one of these for the first time yesterday–just cinamon and frosting, no wacky fillings, but it was still really good. I want to get one of these with the frosting and babies inside but I don’t know if MN is ready for them yet.

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