Quite Possibly The Greatest Insult In Movie History

What’s going on inside your blogger pal Jimmy Devious’ head this day?
It’s the start of a new week, and I thought I’d be nice and go easy on you, since it’s ONLY THE BEGINING of your long hard weekly slog.
How about some Movie Quote Monday?
(Yeaaap, that question was more of a rhetorical one, you’re getting it anyway! 😛 )
And thankfully, I have what is THE BEST SMACKDOWN INSULT….like….EVER.
And yes friends and neighbors, it IS from one of  Adam Sandler’s  earliest film starring roles Billy Madison
If you know the movie, then you KNOW what’s coming next, get ready….
Of COURSE, I’m referring to the “Academic Quiz Bowl/Decathlon” scene….take it away, Mr. Quizmaster!!

I tellyawhat, if I ever run for President or something, I am SOOOO using that retort, first time one of my opponents makes a total blowhard jackass of himself, I’m whipping that punctilious puppy of a quote out, right on the spot. 🙂

I betcha I’d win the election right then and there!! Boooosh!! 
“The Quote” really IS that powerful!!
Use it wisely!! 😉
Is always awarded points, whether God has mercy on YOUR soul, or not,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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