Are You A Tomboy?

hot tomboy softball girls
A whole team of girls who will not only KICK YOUR ASS on a diamond, but look good doing it too!
What’s inside Jimmy D’s head this fantastically mild, UNblizzardy Texas Friday??
The second installment of Foxy Lady Friday, in point-a-fact.
Once again rather than doing what I originally intended and just focusing one particular famous “Foxy Lady.”
I’m going to go more for an entire group of women, or as some would say a “type.”
This week, I choose to salute…the “Tomboy”
happy tomboy
Why go there first? Because the Tomboy gets a bad rep in our culture, when you think about it. If you listen to the wrong people (i.e. mean girls, uber-macho dudes, and some catty types) a Tomboy is “code” for “Butch” or “Lesbian.” for too tough, too loud, not attractive.
All absolute POPPYCOCK…at least, in MY experience.
The short and simple definition of a Tomboy is a woman who grew up/lives a lifestyle where she prefers the company of guys, tends to do more “physical” things, and isn’t quite as “girly” or as gossipy as other girls.
That’s it. See? Not scary at all when you look at it that way, now is it? 😉
I think a good chunk of the negative press comes from intimidation, a lack of understanding, and maybe even a twinge of…jealousy. (Both from some of the men AND the MAJORITY of their fellow women.)
Though occasionally I’m sure some of it (from the male point of view anyway) is just a misunderstanding  ….after all, we all have seen some FALSE  FlagTomboys out there too.

Fake Hot Auto Mechanic
GIRRRL PLEAAASE! Real Tomboys and I know you belong under that car less than I do!
(You know the ones, a famous chick that you KNOOOW deep-down is THE MOST girly, it-girl fashion phenom actress alive, and now she’s suddenly starring in a string of action flicks to “beef” up her “man cave cred.” Or that girlfriend who PRETENDS to like your favorite team and wear all their gear and “talk stats” just to impress you.” It’s sooo cute. )
AND somewhat desperate. 😛 lol
I think we sometimes have a hair-trigger mind “on alert”out for that kind of silliness, it’s not fair to the REAL Tomboys out there, but it happens. So when we see a woman who acts all “rugged” we get….suspicious. 😛
Hot Tomboy Maria Menounos
Apparenty attractive TV personality Maria Menounos loves baseball and the Sox…whatever! 😉
 She’s often the sole girl “survivor” in a household teeming with boys, hormones, and feet. Like the lyrics of that famous Johnny Cash song “A Boy Named Sue” she had to, “get tough or die. “
I guess I’ve always been sympathetic to Tomboys because I’ve had them around me my whole life, in one form or another. I covered Girls Sports for my school paper, which I honestly loathed at first and thought was totally UN-cool and not “manly” at all, yet, as I look back on it now, it was a good experience.
I met a lot of Tomboys doing that. I don’t get why the “stereotype” is that Tomboys are ugly. Most of the female athletes I dealt on a daily basis for my sports beat were pretty stinking cute. 😉 (What? It’s true! 🙂 )
I never had any problem talking to them, whether it was conducting an interview after their big game, having them as a “go-between” so I could borrow coach’s stats book to finish updating the “season ticker” for the paper, or anything else. (Hell, sometimes I got the dialogue going even DURING the game/match/set between innings, etc.) They were always approachable, very real. Sure, they might’ve worn their hair up in buns or ponytails more often and had on less makeup, but the vast majority of them still looked good.
Being outside all the time working out is not only healthy, it’s good for the skin and the muscles too. (Bottom line, dude if you’re a butt or “leg man” you need to go visit a college softball field sometime, best sets of gams and butts you’ll see anywhere! 🙂 )
Hot Tomboy Jennie Finch
This is an apparently well-know softballer named Jennie Finch. Why are softballers always named some form of Jenny or Tiffany?? 😉
READ: Very, VERY fit! ( *droolz* 😀 )
Contrary to popular misconception, most of them could work a dress and a mascara…uhh…thingie Whatever it’s called 😛 ) too.
Tomboys are blunt. Tomboys are honest. Tomboys are usually fair and just, and have enough of their own “gumption” to enforce what they believe to be right. They don’t speak much, but when they do, they mean what they say. They’re truly the independents of the feminine “species.” 🙂
I think honesty paired with fitness, held together with strong streak of mental independence is a threatening thing to many people.
But not to me. Maybe that’s why I always got along with them so well. Sure, I couldn’t throw a ball probably as well as they did, but I did my own thing (writing) and I did it well.What woman DOESN’T appreciate a well-written poem or finely-penned prose? (She’s a “jock chick” yeah, but she’s STILL a girl yaknow? LOL 😀  )
Bottom line. Tomboys are just as much of a woman as any others. They just have their own “take” on what it takes to be a woman. They’re true individuals…and so am I, so how could I not appreciate them?
All you Tomboys, this one’s for you. Get your fingers dirty, climb that tree, and swing away all you like babydoll…I know you’ll clean up nice when it’s time to go out dancin’ 😉
Because a cute girl with pigtails always looks better in an ass-backwards baseball cap than I do,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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