Watching Goofy Kids Eat Warheads Candy

Warheads Sour Candy 1
Warheads: A whole ARSENAL of sour flavor!
What’s going on inside Jimmy’s head on this Total Silliness Tuesday?
A war actually. But not just ANY war, a “war” with THE MOST sour mass-produced candy ever created.

Of course I’m talking about Warheads

Warheads Sour Candy 2

And what is a better way to waste one’s time on a slow and sunny Tuesday than to watch a whole lot of cute kids make adorably goofy faces as they try it for the first time??

Come on…you KNOW the feeling!! 😉

Yeap, that is all. Really. Even Jimmy D is entitled to have a slow day. It’s cute stuff! 🙂

Would keep the Warhead in his mouth no matter how many times his eyelids fold over on themselves in super sourness,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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