A Fitting Commercial Tribute To The Last REAL Men

Farmer Love
What’s going on inside your pal Jimmy D’s head this Manly As Hell Monday ?
A moment of quite reflection, a realization…
There’s no way in Hell I could ever be a farmer. 😉
(But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate one. )
Yup, if you’ve seen or heard anything media…ish in the last 24hrs, you probably know where I’m going with this.
Go there with me anyway, if, you don’t mind. 😉
You know, even in the most of disgusting, disheartening moments in our cultural conversation lately, one can still find tiny rays of smiles. Little pinpricks of proud hopes.
I’ve made no secret to friends and family of my complete lack of interest this year in watching the Super Bowl
I knew without any doubt had the Baltimore Ravens won, and God-forbid they did so, that all we’d hear about from the “wimpy whiteboy armchar quarterback press” is how freakin’ great it is that overgrown ignorance-on-parade thug Ray Lewis got another ring, All it would be is Ray Lewis this, and Ray Lewis that, with his deer-antler-spray-cheating, do-rag-wearing self King-Kong-strutting around the field with the Vince Lombardi trophy like he’s some kind of demigod worthy of our praise.
Learn to conjugate verbs properly, and THEN MAYBE I’ll be impressed. And admit you got away with murder and go to prison voluntarily where you belong.
But anyway…  😛
Just when one may think all hope in our people’s taste is lost…And even when the Super Bowl Commercials themselves this year are mostly tasteless “Crackhead-Bantha-Fodder-On-Toast” we get this single wonderful gem from Dodge Ram Trucks

Wow. Make that, DOUBLE WOW.

Whoever’s idea it was to do that spot should get a year’s worth salary right now, like this very minute. They’re a freaking genius!
NOTE:  to all the OTHER ad men (and women) who tried to sell no, SCHLOCK some silly product by pitching it obscurely/indirectly, THIS is how it’s done!
The best commercials don’t just sell products. They “sell” ideas. This ad perfectly captured both. And what, pray tell, was the “idea” they were pitching?

A reminder of who we USED TO BE, contrasted with the trash we as a nation often are now. (Not to mention resurrecting the golden voice of Paul Harvey…geeeennnius! 😉 )

Is it sad that probably more than half the country has NO IDEA who Paul Harvey even is, or just what the heck he was talking about??
As I said, I’ve never been a farmer, and could never be one. But my great-grandfather was a farmer, as was his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him and HIS father befor-…
In fact, for brevity’s sake, we’ll just say that my family had been doing the whole” farmer-in-the-dell” thing for more than 400 years before I got here, okaaay? 😛
I’m not sure about everything the “experts” say about biology/genetics and whatnot, but I do believe that when your family’s been doing the same thing for four centuries, something of it has to kinda rub off on you, genetically speaking, even if you’ve never hoed a row a day in your life.
It’s in your breeding. You know, like dogs.  Like the ones who do that raised paw thing, even though you couldn’t make them get off the couch catch a rodent even if you paid them? Nevermind. 😉
I am THE MOST self-confessed lazy schlub when it comes to outdoor manual labors, YET even I sometimes take a slight, SLIGHT joy (sometimes) in a lawn well-mowed. Or look back on that one time when I went with my Dad, just him and I, to this field out in Culpepper, VA when I was a wee lad one Saturday morning to pick strawberries. Up and down those muddy rows we went for hours…to the point that the mud was so caked on to my rain boots, it was like I was wearing “Sicilian cement shoes” and couldn’t move my little 9-year-old feet. I think Dad may have even had to get out his “multi-tool” knife or a shovel to cut me out of the mud.
It may still only be in me in trace amounts, but like Pepridge Farm, my DNA remembers… LOL
Point is, yep, a Farmer’s life mostly sucks, it’s often a thankless job. But then again, the same is true for being a hardworking American these days.
There is a certain dignity in making something work by your own two hands. Not saying you can only make that happen out in some muddy field in God-knows-where, but that we should never forget where our people came from. And take the values from the open land of the free farmer wherever we go in life.
The ad works. America, THIS is what a REAL man looks like…..
(not Ray Lewis.)
Thank you, this has been Jimmy’s blog. Good…Day. 🙂
Always looked forward to hearing, “The REST of the story…”
J. Devious, ESQ.

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