Master The Importance Of Slow And Steady Writing

Slow and Steady Writing tutle 1
What’s going on Inside your blogger pal Jimmy Devious Head on this sunny Wednesday??
Bor….RIIIIIING stuff.
I HAD planned to do another elaborate fun post a’la my regular “White Honky Wednesday” segment,  the segment explaining truly weird aspects of white boy culture to sensible, non-white folks….but my plans failed to go as…uhh…planned.
For this week, anyway! 😛
Soo…you’re stuck with yet ANOTHER Writer’s Update Wednesday.
This is like what? The third week in a row now? 😛
Whatever. lol
Believe it or not though, that’s probably a good thing.
Not focusing on trying to be entertaining to blog readers in the immediate sense, has given me more freed-up time to work on the long term projects that will attempt to entertain the masses in the long-run.
 IN PLAIN ENGLISH: I’ve had more time to write the “real” stuff! 😉

Like last week, I have continued my push through my
“Retro Comedy Video Store Clerk” novel, which was in itself, the inspiration behind Monday’s“Anatomy Of A Scan Monkey” post.

If the book’s successful, it will add a new term to the urban popular vernacular., that of Scan Monkey…keyword of course being SUCCESSFUL. 😀
But today also ties in with last week’s WUW, in the sense that the little thing I talked about, Persistence, is being put into action this week in my life.
This is one of the toughest parts about writing, whether you’re doing a blog, a novel, a screenplay, or whatever. The “slow and steady” time. You scribble away and scribble away, day after day after day….with the pace sometimes as slow as it takes mentally-deformed organic honey to drizzle out of the bottle.
It’s tough to keep going at times. We live in a world now where we’re being pet-hamster-food-pellet-trained to EXPECT instant gratification all the time. We now measure people on how much “buzz” or even “virtual buzz” they get in their wake, how many readers we have, how many likes we have, how many virtual friends, or Facebook friends we have.
In this time in your writing, you have to try really, REALLY hard to IGNORE ALL THAT AND JUST WRITE!
This isn’t the time in the writing process to be so worried about that stuff. If you let it bug you too much, it will begin to sap away from your creativity and your vision.
In the Slow and Steady time, the important thing is just to keep a pace up, spin, spin spin that “web” of a story alone in a kind of personal solitary. Take some criticism if you want, but the focus is on keeping your “train” of thought running…and not on time either, but on your OWN time.
Just keep going, keep going, keep going.
I can’t say I’m doing all that much in the “grand sense” of the word this week, other than I’m working on chapters, my “vision train” keeps chugging along.
There are few skills as important to a writer than the ability to “chug a long” through everything else, all the chaos in one’s life.
Block out the 24 hour gossipfest for a few minutes. Block out the need for this or that, block out the absolute NEED to answer that annoying dingy-ding text message.
Quiet your mind. Just write, just write, just write, just write. 🙂
It may not SEEM like much, I know. But “Slow and Steady” steady and slow, isn’t just the way I always go…it’s the ONLY way to go…if you’re going to be a writer.
Slow and Steady Turtle Writing 2
And I’m going to go get back to it “write” now, matter-a-fact,  if you don’t mind… 😀
 Because a great manuscript is only written one word at a time,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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