Juggling Sharp Objects, Bowling Balls, and Chain Saws

Patrick Dempsey Juggling
I didn’t know Dempsey could do that, did you??
What’s going on in Jimmy D’s head this day?
Blahh actually. And no this post isn’t REALLY about Patrick Dempsey juggling, though it IS about juggling, because it’s Total Silliness Tuesday.
I just wanted a picture of someone juggling to go with the post, and if you GOTTA have a picture of someone juggling, why not let it be someone as “big time” as Patrick Dempsey.
Here’s a clip I haven’t seen in I dunno….never perhaps 😉 of a magician extraordinaire named Michael Davis doing a truly hilarious juggling act for then-President Ronald Reagan at the infamous Ford’s Theater
(Actually, now that I think about it, I MAY have seen it, when I was like, a little little little little… kid.)
Yeah, that’s how WAAAAY BACK old this clip is. But it’s pretty funny.
It’s from an era back when their were live performers who were truly funny, and you know, didn’t have to rely solely on dropping 50 F-bombs in one joke or making a bunch of cheap crap out of junk on stage…(Carrot Top?)

Annnnywaaaaaaay, watch and be entertained by ze quaint nostalgia…HERE…

Was once an expert juggler himself…of empty cereal boxes and those balloons that were filled enough to “bounce” through the air but not enough to stay up on the ceiling,

J. Devious, ESQ.

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