Donkey Kickin’ It Old School

Donkey Kick Awesome 1
What’s happening inside Jimmy Devious’ head this Friday?
I thought it best to get a back on the health track, seeing as how I’ve let you and me, and ‘Ski…
Dork In Russian Fur Hat
…whoever the heck HE is…
…Slack off for the last too weeks! My bad, but its time for yet another Fitness Friday.
And this time, I thought it pertinent to discuss Donkeys…
Donkey Kick Awesome 2
No, not this time.
When I say donkeys, I mean EXERCISE…or even more specifically Donkey Kicks!
Donkey Kick Awesome 3

Hey, how many ways can I say it, buck-o?? GO AWAAAAY!

I’ll have your customary feed made of Cheetos for you in a minute. (Geez, the dude’s SOOO impatient!! 😛 )
Like these…
Donkey Kick Hot
You hear people often complain (particularly the womenfolk ) that they don’t have a nice enough butt, BUT (punny, pun ) there aren’t too many ways to get there….unless of course you’re willing to do the work involved, bad news.
Good news though? Yeah that work isn’t too hard…all you really got to do, is start incorporating more donkey kicks into your workout routine (like I just started doing.) They’re REAAAAALLLY easy-peasy….


What?? You think I did this post SOLEY to be able to put up pics of hot chicks with their BUTTS IN THE AIR?? POPPYCOCK!!
Donkey Kick Hot 2
Where oh where would you get a silly idea like that, that I would flagrantly ‘essploit the womens jus’ ta’ git some hot blog views an’droolz over all’da chicks??

Oh yeah…..RIIIIGHT…

(Well, I will have you know I have really started incorporating them into my workout routines, they really are good for you, and I read some where that even GUYS can do them because it helps strengthen those muscles down there and reduces the chances of stuff lke prostate cancer in later life!! )

Plus, it’s a great excuse to post pics of chicks in exercise clothes…
What?? WHAT?? Who said that??!
Seriously, Try the Donkey Kick out for yourself (when no one’s looking behind you 😉 ) and have a great weekend!
Has ALWAYS “danced” like he’s got too much “booty” in the pants,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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