Learn To Play Music…With Your Boobs!

funny cleavage
Ewwww….bad idea. STOP THAT! 😛 lol
What’s Inside Jimmy Devious’ Head today?
Apparently, nothing goooood. 😛
You see, for this Total Silliness Tuesday, I thought I’d drop in a “quckie” visit to my inner 15 year old…ish fratboy…ish…. self.
I guess this rather…uhhh…spirited…young woman thinks herself a virtuoso and has discovered a new instrument??
Did you know, that if you’re the “right” sized woman, you can be a musician…with your…McGuffies??

(Don’t worry, it’s not R-Rated, unless maybe you count….ridiculous. 🙂 😀 lol )

Come on Drew Barrymore, you’re better than that! 🙂
(LOL sooo just kidding, but she DOES look like her…sorta. 😉  )
Drew Barrymore hot
Anyway, didn’t she just have a kid?
Whatever, I thought it was funny. Ha.
Hasn’t seen a musical performance this creative since he played the “William Tell Overture” with his sweaty pits in the 4th grade,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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