Gangnam Style, via The Sims 3

Psy Gangnam Style
Oh lookie folks, it’s something about Gangnam Style…AGAAAAIN! 😉
What’s inside Jimmy Devious’ head today?
A rare Sunday, Sunday, SUUUNNNDAAAY post, matter-a-fact. (Since I’s raised a good Christian boy and don’t believe in working on the Sabbath)
…Or really any OTHER day actually!
 LOL Just Kidding. (Mostly. 😛 )
I’ve decided to launch yet ANOTHER NEW blog segment “theme.” I dub it, Sims-SATIONAL Sunday.
If it goes as I plan, it’ll be just a goofily-absurd “serial” type post with en suite video clip, chronically-chronicalling the utterly bizzare life that my virtual self lives in the Sims 3 gaming world.
“But, this being our first try, I will used the lowest setting…” 😉
…By posting a video clip parody someone else did of the most overplayed song of the year, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” as imagined in the Sims 3.
 Give it a gander why doncha? 🙂

Of course, it isn’t perfect. But, given the limitations of the game, I think whomever it is did an excellent job, especially when getting those goofy dance moves in there!

Happy Sunday!

Freely admits he only watches the Gangnam Style video because of the “Asian fake Redhead chick” like everybody else,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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