GQ’s InOffensive-Offensive New Hotties Women List– Foxy Lady Friday

What’s Inside Jimmy D’s head this Friday?
Well, I’ve decided to launch YET ANOTHER new “themed” blog segment. I call it, Foxy Lady Friday

(Admit it, that was the first thing that popped in your brain when I said that!! 😉 )

I’m thinking it’ll normally be just an infrequent quckie salute to some saucy woman of the moment who has impressed me…(or PARTS of me 😉 ) for whatever reason I feel like…uhh…saluting them.

What better way to inaugurate this new segment than briefly discuss the politically incorrect controversy with GQ Magazine’s new Hottest Women list.

Apparently some wet blanket sexually frustrated fascists….err…I mean IMPORTANT women’s right advocates (don’t want those psycho hose beasts on MY arse! 😛 ) are all in a “tizzy” because the mag decided to “categorize” many of the women based on things like their race.
Well, see for yourself…among them the “Hottest Chinese Chick” is (looks back again with pain to make sure he spells it right 😛 ) err…yeah Zhang Ziyi.
Zhang Ziyi
Their “Hottest Italian Chick” is Monica Bellucci.
Monica Bellucci 2
Uhhh hmmm….
Monica Bellucci
….Uhh yeah, I suppose I could go along with those 😉
And according to them, their “Hottest Indian Chick” is Freida Pinto.
Frieda Pinto
Mmmkaaay, a LITTLE CREEPED OUT by the way she’s holding that knife, but whatever, yeah, she’s hot…yadda yadda yadda…
But, really friends and neighbors, I don’t see what the big f’ing deal is….. here, do you??
Zhang Ziyi IS from * epic drumrolllz* China, is she not? And Pinto is an Indian national maybe? And last I checked, BELLUCCI is an Italian name….N’es pas?
(Yes, I’m aware that last part was French…irony alert! 😉 )
Seriously though, What’s wrong with calling a spade a spade if it IS a spade…and if that…err..spade looks better in a skimpy dress than you or I do??
We’re dudes, we classify things all the time. It’s a fact people, it’s what we do! B)
When did it become offensive to tell the truth about things?? (DON’T answer that! 😛 )
The only things that are REALLY offensive about GQ’s list are that Publicity Ho-Von-Big-Butt (AKA Kim K. ) is on it, and they named Beyonce Knowles the “Woman Of The Millennium.”
Clearly, that honor should go to Eleanor Of Aquitaine
Eleanor Of Aquitaine
…if we’re moving up our counters of years as far back as the thousands-place, just sayin’ 🙂
Or if their WOTM absolutely HAD TO BE A MODERN woman, was Zooey Deschanel too busy??
Zooey Dechanel GQ Hot
Zooey Deschanel Hot 2
I like this one. It has a goofy sorta-Momma-and-The-Papas vibe!
It ain’t like she hasn’t done photo shoots for them before!! (where do you think I got those pics?? )
All much adieu about nothing, if you ask me, but it’s free publicity for the magazine, I guess…
…..ANNNNND a wonderful excuse to post pics of beautiful women! 🙂
Happy Weekend Folks!
Thinking of starting a letter-writing campaign to GQ because Eleanor A was ROBBED,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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